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Skin-Care Routine Myths You Need to Stop Believing

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Every woman is obsessed with her skincare routine to look young, beautiful and attractive. But there are some myths believed by women that are not true. After knowing all the facts and myths, taking care of your skin correctly is essential. Before you follow any skincare routine, ensure that you are doing it correctly or not.

If you have doubts about common myths that other women have heard, this write-up will help you know everything. It is easy to clear misconceptions about things you are doing to your skin. Go through all the mentioned myths and clear all your doubts.

You can also do the right things to look beautiful and young. It will be good if you consult a dermatologist for proper skincare. But if you are choosing products and doing your skincare on your own, you must clear all the mentioned myths in your head. Never believe what other people are saying to you.

1. Sweating is Unhygienic for Your Skin

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If anyone is saying that sweating is unhealthy and unhygienic for your skin, you must not believe that myth. When you sweat, small pores also open, and it can make your skin breathe.

The sweating wipes off all the impurities. Getting involved in any physical activity that can make you sweat is necessary. The more you sweat, the more your skin pores will open, and you will look fairer.

2. Cloudy Days are Not Good for Putting Sunscreen

It is a misconception that you need to put sunscreen on your face and body only when you go out in the sun. But it is also necessary for cloudy days. Sunscreen is used to protect from harmful ultraviolet radiation and is also present even if there are clouds.

Therefore, you should always apply plenty of sunscreen to your exposed skin to protect yourself from harmful radiation. It helps in preventing issues like pigmentation, aging and tanning.

3. Regular Scrubbing is a Good Idea

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Indeed, scrubbing helps in exfoliating the skin and removes impurities. But it is not recommended to do it regularly. You will lose natural oil or sebum if you scrub your face regularly.

It can make your face dry and flaky. In severe cases, your skin can also develop breakouts or pimples. You can reduce such damage by avoiding it. You can prefer scrubbing once a week or thrice a month. The primary purpose of doing this task is to exfoliate your face and not harm it.

4. Expensive Skincare Products are the Best

It is another misconception that you must believe. It is not about the price but the quality of the product you are applying to your face. You must opt for gentle items on your face that do not harm your skin.

It can either be expensive or cheap. It is better to consult a Cosmetic skincare specialist who can help you with your skincare routine. It is not good to believe that only expensive products can do wonders for your face.

5. No Need for a Moisturizer for Oily Skin

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Many people with oily skin avoid using moisturizer because it can make their face sticky and oiler. But it is a misconception that you should not believe at all. Oily skin also needs hydration, and a moisturizer does the same thing.

You can prefer the ones that suit your skin and make your face less oily. You can also consult a dermatologist who can suggest the right product for your skin condition.

6. Eye Creams are Useless

Many people say that it is useless to apply eye creams, but there are certain benefits that you may not know. You must check the ingredients in these eye creams that can help you eliminate puffiness, dark circles, wrinkles, etc.

Due to lack of hydration, your eyes may develop dark circles, fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness, etc. Using this cream, you can get rid of all the eye problems and get a beautiful face in a few days.

7. Popping Pimple is a Great Solution

You should never pop the pimple as it can spread the bacteria all over your face. You will get more the next day if you pop a single pimple. The solution is to keep your face clean so that no accumulation of bad bacteria is done.

You can also opt for medicines for acne and treat them without popping them. It is common for your pimple skin to be irritated, but popping is not a solution to get rid of it.

8. Higher SPF is Necessary

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Whenever you buy sunscreen, you will get it in different SPF numbers. But many people think the higher number is better than the lower number. But it is a myth because every person has different skin and SPF requirements are also different.

The number represents the amount of UV blockage, and you must buy a suitable one. But sometimes, it is not bad if you prefer the higher number in the SPF.

9. Retinol Always Irritates Your Skin

You can use retinol to heal your skin, but sometimes, it can irritate you. You can ignore the irritation and continue the treatment if it is bearable. But if it irritates you a lot, you should avoid using it.

Make sure that you consult a dermatologist before using it. You should not believe that retinol always irritates or harms your skin. Every person has different skin, and it reacts accordingly. Therefore, you have to be careful while applying it.

Final Thoughts

You must go through all the skincare myths and stop believing in them. If you want to improve your skin condition, you must stop applying the wrong products and doing the wrong treatment. You can consult a dermatologist for better advice and medications if you have any confusion.

You can get healthy skin if you know what is suitable for your skin. You should never rush and make decisions based on these misconceptions. Take care of your routine and do what is suitable for your skin.