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4 Best Natural DIY Treatments for Chapped Lips To Try in 2024

Natural DIY Treatments for Chapped Lips
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Seasons change and their change also affects our bodies. Winters are cold and sometimes also get dry.

Dry winter is something which is quite harmful to our health. Therefore, you are likely to suffer from many health issues.

But one of the biggest problems that you will encounter in winter is dry lips.

The skin of your lips will get dry and peel off.

Likewise, in the worst case, you might also suffer from cuts.

Dry lips, what are the reasons?

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But why does it happen in winter when the air is moist and cold? This is mainly because of the water inside our bodies.

The outside weather definitely affects our bodies. However, what happens inside our bodies is also a significant thing to consider.

During winter, our water intake reduces to a great level. This is mainly because we do not get thirsty.

We are not sweating and even if you run for a while or take stairs, you will only lose your breath for a while.

However, during summer, similar physical movement will make you sweat heavily. As a result of this, you get thirsty and your body gets heated up.

And of course, it’s summertime. So you want to cool down. Thus, you drink a lot of water.

But this does not happen in winter and that is why we get dry lips.

What to do then?

1. Using lip balm

Using lip balm

One of the best remedies for dry lips is Natural Lip Balms that you can get from apothecarytoronto.ca.

They offer a variety of lip balms. So you can get the one that you like.

For example, if you just need something to keep your lips moist, you should get the vanilla coconut lip balm. As the name shows, it has coconut oil in it and a vanilla flavor.

Thus, you will be using something more natural that also feels soft and mild. The other one is Winter’s A Bear which has a peppermint flavor with Buttercream.

So the choice depends mainly on your liking,

Lip balm is a combination of oils and moisturizers.

Therefore, it will keep your lips moist and soft even when the weather is cold and dry.

Therefore, using lip balm is a necessary thing in winter. It is better to make it a habit of yours.

2. Drink plenty of water (hydration is the key)

Drink plenty of water
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What you should always keep in your mind is that dry lips are basically caused by a lack of hydration in your body.

So if you drink plenty of water, your body won’t suffer from dehydration.

And consequently, you will have plump skin and moist lips.

Instead of depending on external factors, you should work on improving your body from the inside.

And what can you do about that? Irrespective of the season and time of the year, you should make a habit of drinking 8 glasses of water. This will let you see the result with your own eyes.

In summer, you sweat a lot, so make sure to drink more water or how it seems fit to you.

However, in winter, we forget to drink water. Therefore, you should change your habits if you do not want any dry lips.

3. Regular exfoliation (homemade exfoliators)

Although you can drink plenty of water and might still have dry lips. This is a natural thing that is going to happen to everyone.

You might be thinking but why is it so? This is because our lips have skin which is made of several skin cells. And cells of our body are dying at a regular pace.

Likewise, there are new cells that are also growing within our bodies.

As a result of cell death and birth, we get a layer of dead skin cells on our bodies. So what seems like dry lips to you might just be the dead skin cells that are trying to get off your lips.

And the best way to get rid of dead skin cells is through exfoliation.

You can get any exfoliator from the market. There are plenty of chemical products and natural exfoliators available in the market, so you can look for them.

However, if you wish to opt for a natural remedy, you can try making one of your own.

You will need organic oil. Try using coconut or olive oil for the best results. Now mix some granulated sugar in the oil and rub it on your lips.

If you do not like the flavor, you can try adding coffee powder or vanilla essence to it. This scrub will get rid of your dead skin cells. Thus, it will work as the best exfoliator.

Furthermore, it won’t take much of your time and effort. You will have all the things at home. So all you need is to mix them and use them as you like.

You can make some and also keep it in your refrigerator or even outside (depending on the weather). Thus, it will be usable for some time.

4. Use honey

Use honey
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Another home remedy that you can try is the use of honey. Honey is one of the most effective skincare treatments. It has been in use for centuries.

So you can use it for your skin issues, for making home remedies, or for beautification.

So even if you want to use honey for your lips, there are several ways to try it.

Mix honey with some granulated sugar or salt. Rub this mixture on your lips and use it as an exfoliator.

Or you can mix honey with coffee powder and rub it on your lips. You can leave the mixture for 10 to 15 minutes. It will act as a mask.

Or the simplest and easiest way is to apply a thin layer of honey on your lips. And then?

Then just leave it there for 15 minutes. Honey itself is a mask that will let you have soft skin afterward.