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How Often to Change Reeds in a Diffuser – 2024 Guide

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There are many advantages to adding a reed diffuser to your home. It is a much better option when compared to some alternatives, especially because of the visual effects it provides. Therefore, it is a great way to decorate your home, while securing a pleasant scent in each corner of it.

You can add several models in different parts of the house, like in the living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and more. It will make the surroundings appear more pleasant, while it will be easier to deal with the odor as well. For example, placing one in the kitchen is a great way to fight the different aromas that appear during cooking.

The market is full of various options. However, keep in mind that those cheap solutions might not be the right option since they might not provide such a pleasant scent, while the durability can be much shorter as well. In that matter, the best solution is to look for high-quality products like Seasons Life.

Moreover, before you get your first diffuser, it is important to learn more about its main features. Also, there are all sorts of aromas that you can choose. Therefore, be sure to get one according to your preferences. Besides that, the fact is that this product needs to be refilled from time to time. We are going to analyze more about the frequency of refilling of reed diffusers.

How To Know When it Needs a Replacement?

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The first thing to know about reeds is that you cannot refill them and use them for a longer time. You will need to get a new reed each time it gets empty. The common misconception is that you can clean the reed and place it in a diffuser again. It will lose its features once it gets filled with the oil, and there is no way to wash it and use it again. It is very important to get high-quality reeds as well.

If you get the right model, one side of it will serve you for a whole week, and even longer.

After around one week, you will need to turn the other side of it, and it will start collecting the oil again. Therefore, one reed will last for around two weeks. The frequency of the aroma is another factor to consider. The scent won’t be strong right away, it will increase over time as the oil is getting inside of the sticks.

It is quite simple to notice when it needs a replacement. After you change to another side, and there is no pleasant smell from the diffuser anymore, that is a sign that you need to add new sticks to it. The great thing about this product is that the oil can last for more than two years.

Moreover, the great thing is that you can find all kinds of sticks that can serve the purpose. Also, a lot of them cost only around $10. If you buy an attractive stick, it will last for at least two weeks. On the other side, there are some more convenient options, where you can get packages with 30 or more pieces. When it comes to regular sticks, you should place at least ten of them in the diffuser.

Average Duration

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As we already mentioned, the duration of most sticks is around two weeks. However, that is only related to basic cheap models. On the other hand, some options can serve you for up to six months. The great thing is that there are options that resemble flowers and other types of decoration which will make it discrete and attractive.

Moreover, you should know that lower temperatures will lead to a longer duration.

Therefore, always keep the replacement sticks in a cold and dark place. The material used in the production can also make a difference. For example, wood is known for providing some excellent features.

There are Ways to Increase the Durability

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We already mentioned the materials and temperature as important factors. Paying attention to some details will help you to spend less time dealing with the replacement and buying more reeds and new oil. For example, it is not recommended to keep the air-conditioning on all the time if you want the full effects of this product.

Therefore, it is much better for keeping it in the bedroom and bathroom than in a hallway or a living room. Also, it would be a mistake to keep it near a heating device or a window since the higher temperature will make it last for a shorter time. Besides that, the area around it should be clean since dirt and dust will affect it to lose some features.

Moreover, you can also control the frequency and how strong the aroma is. You can do that by placing the reeds in the right order. For example, if you stick them together in the diffuser, they will need more time to fill with oil, and they will last longer as well. However, the effects are not as strong as when you keep them apart.

Still, if you choose the right oil that you find pleasant, there is no need for higher frequency. The best solution is to secure a moderate level of scent that will make the air more pleasant. Therefore, the selection of the aroma is the most important part.


As you can see, there are different things that can affect the duration. If you find it annoying to change the sticks more often, simply buy ones with higher quality and stick and place them close to each other in the diffuser. Also, wait until the aroma is getting too weak before you turn them on the other side.

The main benefits of this product are low price when compared to humidifiers, and safety features when compared to aroma candles. The reeds are quite cheap as well since there are many models that you can find for around $10. Oils are quite cheap as well, and you need to change them only once per year or two.