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Can you Take Weight Loss Supplement During Pregnancy?

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When a woman is pregnant, her entire body goes through a series of changes. While you are pregnant, you are not allowed to do certain things such as drink alcohol or some cigarettes, lift heavy objects etc. because you might cause some issues for you and your child.

Furthermore, in pregnancy, women gain weight, which is completely normal. You need enough food and body fat for your baby to grow and develop. But what if you decide to lose weight during pregnancy? Can you exercise normally? Are you allowed to take weight loss supplements? Is it true that supplements can cause miscarriage?

You can find all about the correlation between weight loss supplements and pregnancy further in the article.

Weight loss supplementation

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First of all, it is widely accepted that weight loss supplements work. Of course, we are talking about legit supplements which effects have been proven. One of the most famous and most widely used supplements for weight loss is called Modere Trim and you can always check the Modere Trim review if you want to find out more about it.

We will not go into these details now. Even though weight loss supplements are effective, you need to be careful if you are going to use them during pregnancy. If fact, to be clear, it is NOT recommended to use any weight loss supplements when you are with a child.

Since the FDA doesn’t review supplements (the weight loss ones included too), some of them can have dangerous metals and other ingredients that can harm the baby, which is the last thing you want. While it is perfectly safe to take these to lose some weight, don’t do it when you are pregnant.

Can weight loss supplements cause miscarriage?

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The data on whether or not the weight loss supplements can cause miscarriage is not quite clear. Women don’t usually take them during the pregnancy and this is something that the scientist cannot test because it would be immoral to give women supplements and risk their pregnancy.

One of the concerns is the ingredient called vinpocetine. This ingredient is a part of a majority of weight loss pills and energy drinks. It may not have any effect on a pregnant woman, but it can also complicate things a lot for some, which is why it should be avoided.

Can you exercise normally?

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Exercising is advised in pregnancy, but it should not be intense. You should avoid lifting heavy weights, and put your mind off weight loss for the time being. You will probably gain some weight for the time being, but if you exercise – walk regularly and actively do some stretching and some light exercises, that weight will be distributed equally and you will be able to shed it more easily later on.

The healthier you are, the healthier your baby is, and this is something to remember. If you are about to take some supplements, don’t do it by yourself and always check in with your doctor first.