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Can Folate Help With Conception, Pregnancy & Birth?

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Pregnant women take all the necessary precautions that help them in delivering healthy babies. Getting enough folic acid everyday makes sure that your baby is safe from serious birth defects. It is advised that you should take the folate during your pregnancy and before your conception. Let us gain some more information about folate.

Folic acid is an artificial vitamin B, which is also known as folate. It plays a major role in the development of the neural tube in the baby’s spinal cord and brain. It furthermore helps in the production of red blood cells. Fortified cereals are known to be the best foods if you want enough folate. It can also be found naturally in citrus fruits and green vegetables.

You can have folate by consulting your doctor and it is easily available in the pharmacies. People can also buy it online by taking advice from their doctor and by visiting this site methyllifepro.com.

When should you take folic acid?

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Birth defects are generally common in women who are 3-4 weeks pregnant, which is why it is important for them to get folate in those stages for the development of their baby’s spinal cord and brain. Many doctors advise women to start taking prenatal vitamins with folate when they are trying to conceive.

A research has been conducted on this topic and it was found that women who took folate for at least one year before getting pregnant have 50 percent less chances of delivering a baby before time or early. It is recommended that a woman should start taking folic acid daily a month before she becomes pregnant.

Benefits of folic acid in pregnancy?

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Without having enough folate in your body, your child’s neural tube may not close accurately and they could foster medical issues known as neural tube defects. Children with anencephaly generally don’t live long lives, and those with spina bifida might be for all time disabled. These are terrifying issues, no doubt. In any case, fortunately getting enough folate might safeguard your child from these defects by no less than 50 percent.

As per the CDC, if you’ve as of now had a child with a neural tube deformity, getting enough folate might diminish your gamble of having one more little with such imperfection by as much as 70 percent.

How to get enough folic acid?

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Folic acid can be naturally found in a variety of food items. It is also added artificially to food and then sold in the market as a folic acid supplement. These supplements are known to be better than the natural occurring food items as they are capable of providing you 85 percent of folic acid.

A wide assortment of food varieties normally contain folate, however the structure that is added to food sources and supplements, folic acid, is better ingested. In January 1998, the U.S. FDA gave guidelines to food makers to add folate to food sources usually eaten, including breads, oats, pasta, rice, and other grain items, to diminish the gamble of neural tube imperfections.