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9 Creative Ways to Use Tumbled Stones And Crystals

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Are you looking for creative ways to integrate tumbled stones and crystals into your lifestyle?

We usually look at these crystal stones to enhance our life with ancient energy, but here you will get a handful of suggestions on the creative use of crystals and stones. Discover unique and exciting ways to use crystals for adults, kids, and everyone between. This is the only article that will help you when you’re short of ideas.

Tumbled gemstones are tiny sharp, round, polished crystals rocks that are polished by a rock tumbler machine. The machine tumbled the rocks to the point that their surface and edges turned smooth, polished, and lustrous.

Tumbled stones may also be called polished stones, tumbled gemstones, polished stones, gemstones baroque, and various other names. Many people love collecting these stones as they’re natural, beautiful stones that can be polished and shaped even more stunningly.

If you’re curious about what tumbled stones are, They are very well-liked in jewelry and craft and as souvenirs and collectibles. Gemstones are popular in fairs, markets, and crystal shops in this modern age! Due to their vibrant, attractive appearance, beautiful design, and intriguing designs, they have enticed many people to find many more ways to use them.

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Healing & Energy

Crystals, rock, or polished stone have been used to promote spiritual rehab and pleasure for centuries. The stones and crystals that are tumbled are worn on the body or on chakras to stimulate them, allowing the body to purify its negative energy and encourage positivity.

Crystal & Stone Jewelry

Crystals and tumbled stones are stunning in their own right. However, they create stunning jewelry pieces. And making jewelry with them also adds the miracle of putting them on your skin in which you are able to receive a lot of positive energy. It is possible to use tumbled stones, such as quartz or other crystals, to make your jewelry or pendants and intention bracelets by using various methods.

Arts, Crafts & Decoration

Crystals and tumbled stones make fantastic additions to any of the DIY tasks. Each kind of stone has enough size to be used and comes in a myriad of colors in which they could be used in both striking and subtle presentation. Make use of the tumbled stones to create rock trivets, rain chains or any other thing you can think of, as the sky of imagination and creativity has no limits!

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Decoration for Home & Work

Although home decor can be included in “arts and craft”, there are so many options for decorating with gems and stones and other rock items that you feel helpful in decorating. You can utilize natural rock, tumbled rock, and crystals to fill vases, add to planter’s furniture, and make unique DIY centerpieces with stone art.

Mindfulness & Meditation

Many people have trouble staying focused during these exercises, even those who enjoy meditation and mindfulness. Quartz and crystals can help you focus better during meditation by providing you with a tangible object to use as a center point. Clear quartz, which can be used as an amplifier as well as for mental clearness, and selenite for relaxation and mental clarity are two examples of crystals and stones that have meditation-friendly properties.

To Cleanse & Enhance Your Water

Tumbled stones are a better alternative to ice cubes. An elixir is easily created by placing a tumbled rock in a glass. The water will be purified, and the healing properties of crystals will be released into the water.

Important Note: Do not consider all stones and crystals to use in drinking waters. Some crystals can cause water to be contaminated and break down, which is not what you want. Before you make an elixir, it is essential to research the crystal’s workings.

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To Help Plants Flourish

Plants and crystals are harmonious partners that can support one another. It is always recommended to place the gemstone crystals into a plant; you will notice your plant will flourish and blossom in just 2-3 weeks. As a return gift, plants will make your stones clean and polished. This well-proportioned alliance will help to purify your area and give you the earthly realms.

This is how crystals can be used. Just put two or three tiny crystals in the flower pot. You can place larger crystals right next to the pot for a pleasant indoor presentation.

To Cleanse The Body

You can take a sound bath with sea salt and then add the crystals of your choice to the water. The sea salt helps to remove any negative energy from the body, while the crystals will transform the bathwater into a relaxing, rejuvenating, full-body soak.

TIP: Always pick a crystal that can withstand saltwater. Saltwater dissolves selenite. If your crystal is not water-resistant, then to receive the healing benefits of the crystal, you can place it next to your tub. Add essential oil to your water to enhance the aromatherapy benefits. Lavender can be used to relax and relieve stress. Eucalyptus relaxes and purifies the muscles, while Frankincense lifts the spirit.

To Improve Sleep

Certain crystals and stones can provide soothing and calming energy that can help you sleep better. Crystals can even prevent night terrors and nightmares. Amethyst is the best crystal to promote healthy sleep. It contains tranquilizer effects, which put our bodies in a relaxed and calm state. Place amethyst beside or under your bed to help you fall asleep each night.

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Now you have several ideas to use tumbled stones and crystals that last for days. Start by marking them off! Whatever way you choose to use your crystals, it doesn’t matter what. The important thing is to be aware of their energy and keep your affinity with them.

Each crystal is unique in its healing properties and can be used to make sure things occur in your life. Also, head on to high ho gems to find crystal stones at very affordable prices. We have a variety of tumbled stones, check out once place your order!