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How Often Should You Put Cuticle Oil on Your Nails – 2024 Guide

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Cuticle oil is a necessity for people who often change their nail paints. The chemicals present in nail paints result in damaging our skin. Similarly, nail paint removers do more harm to our skin and nail texture. Therefore, to reverse their harm, we have to use cuticle oil. Although it is meant to soften the cuticles but it also moisturizes the surrounding skin.

In addition to this, it also helps you out with maintaining the health and length of your nails. So if you have weaker nails and they break off easily, this magical oil will be helpful for you too.

However, have you ever asked yourself the question that how often should you use these oils?

Although it is good for your finger-tips but it is not okay to overuse anything.

Firstly, you need to find the products that are good. Of course, you will find various products with the name “cuticle oil” but not all of them have a similar effect. Therefore, finding the best products should be your priority. For example, you can get quality cuticle oil from jessicacosmetics.com.au.

They have more than some cuticle oils. You can even get branded skincare products. Similarly, you can also buy high-quality makeup products from them.  

Lastly, you should moderately use things. For example, you know that moisturizers are good for keeping the skin young. However, does it means that if you use a whole jar of moisturizer in a night you will have younger skin in the morning? Of course not. And if you use too much product several times a day, you might ultimately get skin problems.

So how often will you use it?

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According to the experts, 3 applications of cuticle oils a day are enough for healthy cuticles. However, this is normal use.

If you have extremely dry skin and your cuticles have never been treated before, you should extend this number. For example, you can reapply the product after every wash. So you woke up in the morning and prepared breakfast and went to take a bath. Now you can apply the oil to your cuticles.

Afterward, you went out for some shopping and came back. Again, you washed your face and hands properly. Now you need to reapply the product because washing the hands will remove it.

Similarly, after every hand wash, you can take a moderate amount of oil and apply it properly.

However, one application in the morning and one in the evening is a must to have for everyone. So learn about your skin health and pay attention to its care.  

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In the morning

You should add cuticle oil as an important thing in your morning routine. So whether you are an office worker or not, when you wake up, you should wash up yourself properly. Afterward, apply moisturizer as a base for your makeup and use cuticle oil too. This should be a necessary thing for your skin.


If you usually stay at home or do freelancing, it is possible that you do not take much care of yourself. Therefore, if this is the case, you should especially focus on reapplication in the afternoon.

Even if you are not at home, you will be exposed to sunlight and dust. Therefore, it is normal to wash your hands before your lunch. So after doing your lunch, you will feel dryness, therefore, using moisturizer and oil should be on your to-do list.

Before going to bed

The best time for our skin to regenerate and create new cells is at night. While we are resting, our body is creating new cells and helping us keep our youthful look. Therefore, using products at night provides the best results. That is why you should always use your magical oil and moisturizer at night.

When to use it?

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The best timings to use it include;

  1. When you experience extreme temperatures, whether too high or too low.
  2. After experiencing highly intense sunlight.
  3. After using alcohol-based products like hand sanitizers.
  4. If you have done laundry or dishwashing. So, after using detergents and even bleach and soaps.
  5. After taking a swim in the saltwater or chlorinated swimming pool water.
  6. If you are going to the salon to get a manicure, they will apply cuticle oil. However, you should do the same if you practice it at home.
  7. Exposing yourself to anything that dries out the skin.

The bare minimum

Although these guidelines are for people who worry too much about the health of their nails. But if you are a careless person, you should at least apply it once a day. It will be enough to give enough strength to your skin and nails.

What if your nails are drying more than before?

One thing that you should note is that is too much drying of your nails. If you are using the magical oil multiple times a day and despite that, your nails are getting dry, it means that you are using too much product. And this is not a good routine. It is resulting in getting rid of your natural body oils. Therefore, your cuticles will face extreme dryness.

So if something like this is happening, reduce your use time to once a day or once every two days.

How to use it

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To get the maximum benefits of the skincare products, you should use them according to the instructions.

So if you are going to use cuticle oil, follow these instructions;

  1. Wash your hands properly with a hand wash or soap.
  2. Pat dry your skin and apply a moisturizer to your hands.
  3. Now take a small drop of any oil that you are using for your cuticles.
  4. Gently spread this oil drop to your fingernails.
  5. Move your fingers to give your nails a gentle massage.
  6. Keep on massaging your nail area until the oil gets absorbed.