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7 Signs Your Weight Loss Program Is Wrong and You Need a Different One

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Everyone wants a healthy lifestyle which is why they are opting for different weight loss programs to bring some good changes in their way of living. Obese people have to suffer from various health issues. To control and prevent those problems, they have to first focus on controlling their weight. Nowadays, there are numerous diet and exercise plans available. But you should follow the one that is suitable for your body type.

It is not necessary that a weight loss program that works well for one person is supposed to work well on everyone else. If you have been following a diet plan for quite a while now and haven’t seen any results from it, then you should consider changing it. Here are few signs that shows you have chosen a wrong weight loss program and you need a different one:

1. It has removed all essential food groups from your eating regime

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A well educated nutritionist will always tell you that there is no need to eliminate any food group from your diet. The programs that suggest removing macronutrients such as carbs from your eating regime are not sustainable for the long-term. Carbohydrates are an essential food group that provides energy to your body. Cutting it from your daily eating routine means you will not get the energy that your body requires to do its day to day activities.

There is no issue in deducting some food items from your diet for a short time span when you are on your weight loss journey. But as soon as you start eating those foods again, you will start gaining weight. This is why experts always suggest you to have a balanced diet that contains all the macronutrients and micronutrients. Do not completely eliminate any food group from your eating routine. Check out the best weight loss program Canada to get the customized diet plan for you that includes all the food groups in your eating regime.

2. Lack of medical monitoring:

Many health improvement plans frequently push weight reduction objectives over your medical requirements. This is to a great extent fruitless. If you do not monitor your medical history while creating a diet plan, you will not be able to accomplish your weight reduction goals. Whenever a weight loss program is customized especially for you, it will consider your dietary needs that not only assists your body to function properly but also help in losing weight.

3. You are suffering from constipation

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Are you struggling to poop every morning while following a particular eating regime? If yes, then this might be the sign that you need to opt for a different weight reduction program. You need to add more fiber in your eating routine to avoid the issue of constipation. Apart from this, you also need to have a lot of water to improve your bowel movement. To add more fiber in your diet, focus on eating dried fruits, wholegrains, nuts, and beans.

4. Thinning of hair:

Iron is an essential element that helps in producing red blood cells in the body which are required to carry and store oxygen in the blood. If you are on a diet plan that is not fulfilling your iron requirement then you must consider shifting to another eating regime. Your hair starts getting thin when you are low on iron intake. Ensure that you eat food sources that are rich in iron. These food items include spinach, broccoli, and various pulses such as kidney beans, chickpeas, etc. A woman’s diet must be full of iron to avoid any issue in the regular menstruation cycle.

5. Feeling hungry or starving most of the time

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Mostly, people skip their meals mostly breakfast in the hope to lose weight rapidly but it is not beneficial in the long-term. Whenever you starve due to skipping meals, you tend to eat more unhealthy snacks especially when you are at work. You should never miss a meal if you do not want to feel hungry all day. Always have your breakfast that is rich in fiber and protein. Many studies show that a person who eats breakfast every day is more likely to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

6. Adding too many components in the program:

Many weight reduction plans that are based on medical science attempt to build their validity by adding too many layers in their diet. For the sake of science, these programs expect you to gauge, chart, and record an countless number of exercises every day.

Keeping a track of your progress while following a diet is essential. Monitoring the calories and supplements you consume every day, as well as your health improvement plan, are a fundamental piece of staying away from issues that could crash your weight loss journey. But paying too much attention to keeping records will lead to tiredness, fatigue, and disappointment.

Do not opt for fancy diet plans if you cannot maintain it. If you are currently following a program that requires a lot of time and effort and also has different layers and components, then you should leave it and shift to a simple and sustainable fat reduction program.

7. You are not getting other health benefits

Source: medicalnewstoday.com

If your current weight loss program does not provide you any additional health benefits, then you are required to shift to another. A healthy diet plan should be able to control your cholesterol, blood sugar level, and chronic pains. If an eating regime is only focused on weight loss and does not contribute to bringing any positive changes in your lifestyle, then it is time for you to change it. Always contact a nutritionist before opting for any weight loss program to ensure it is safe for you.


People start following wrong weight loss programs without knowing if it suits their body type or not. There are various signs that show a diet plan is not right for you. These signs include thinning of hair, feeling tired most of the time, suffering from constipation, etc.