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How to Use a Neti Pot the Right Way – 2024 Guide

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Nasal congestion is one of the most common complications that people suffer these days. People might prefer to use some basic methods to clear nasal congestion, but it may or may not clear the problem.

But what is nasal congestion? Is it critical to cure the problem? Nasal congestion is nothing but the excess fluid in the nose that might have occurred due to some unhealthy practices. The formation of fluids might be because of smoking or staying in cold areas for a long time.

Fluids might form for various reasons, but the remedy will remain the same. Sometimes people might try to recover from nasal surgeries, and they must be waiting for the right method for recovering from nasal problems. In this situation, a neti pot can serve people in a better way. It is just a simple device that can be used to clear nasal congestion, which provides instant relief.

In simple words, this neti pot can enhance the wellness of an individual. People who find it difficult to find an alternative method for clearing respiratory and nasal issues can try using this method. To know more about the neti pot and its related details, stay connected till the end.

How to use a Neti pot?

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Using a neti pot is simple! But it must be used with care as there are possibilities for some complications. The procedure can clear down mucus which eventually results in temporary relief. This method can be used in critical situations where people cannot find any hospitals for instant treatments.

Moreover, it is considered safe if people prefer to follow the safety guidelines. Each device might be provided with a user manual, but still, we have explained how to use a Neti pot.

So stay connected to know the basic procedure for using a neti pot. There are a variety of impressive products on the market, but people should make sure to choose the right one by considering some basic level criteria in it.

1. Preparation

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First, it is better to prepare the entire setup to complete the process with ease. Some nasal fluids and medicines can be used for nasal relief. People can either use this or prepare their own fluid to fill the net pot. Add half a spoon of iodized salt and mix it well with sterile water that has been at room temperature for 8 hours. Then add the mixture with a quarter teaspoon of baking soda. Mix well until the salt and baking soda dissolve.

Now the mixture is ready to use. Make sure to use only distilled water or boiled water. If you prefer to boil the water, then it is necessary to wait until the water regains its room temperature. Never ever use tap water directly as it might cause some nasal infections.

These nasal infections might be the root cause of some other complications, so never use tap water. It is better to clean the pot before executing the entire process.

2. Execution

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After filling the Neti pot with the desired fluids, it is now time to execute the entire process. Stand near a sink and bend your face. Turning your face to 45 degrees is better than letting the fluid fall inside the sink. Just by pressing the spot of the Neti pot, the fluid might start flowing into the nose, which eventually results in the evacuation of fluid that is present inside the nose.

The saline solution (solution inside the pot) should reach the nostril, and it must be drained out using the other nostril. The outcome will be the fluid and the waste materials present in the nostril. Sometimes the saline solution might run into the mouth, but there is no need to worry as it might happen commonly for all the people who prefer to use a neti pot.

3. Continue The Process Until The Neti Pot Is Empty

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Sometimes the fluid might stay inside the respiratory tract, so it is better to finish all the fluid inside the neti pot to remove the fluid. After completing the solution, remove the pot from the nostril. Now breathe in and out using both the nostrils, which helps remove the excess fluid present inside the nostril. Use a tissue or soft cloth to remove excess fluid that is present inside the nose. Now it is better to allow the saline water to flow through the other nostril so that the excessive fluid inside the respiratory tract can be removed with ease.

Benefits of using a Neti Pot

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• The solution used inside the neti pot has the capability to clear down the respiratory tract instantly.

• It not only cleans the respiratory tract but also clears down the inflammatory material that is present inside the system.

First, it is better to use this device once a day, and if people find it comfortable, then it is better to increase the usage according to their preference.

Side Effects of Using Neti Pots

• It might cause severe ear pains. It might be because of repeating the procedure frequently. There is a limit for everything, and following the limit can avoid the side effects.

• Using Tap water might create some infections in the respiratory tract. Some proven records state that people have suffered from severe respiratory problems after using tap water in Neti pot.

Safety Tips

• Avoid using Neti pot in infants
• Avoid using hot or cold water in a Neti pot. Use water that is kept at room temperature.
• Clean and dry your neti pot after usage.

Final Thoughts

Now people must have a clear idea of using a Neti spot in houses. So anyone can follow the procedure to clean the nostrils and respiratory tract in a better way. As mentioned earlier, too much usage might result in severe complications. So make sure to use it for a while and clean the device soon after completing the process.