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How To Make Your Lace Look More Natural – 2024 Guide

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There are certain things in everyone’s lives that are close to them. They cannot bear to lose them. However, there are universal things or items that no one ever would like to lose. One of these crucial things is hair.

Hair gives a person the required confidence on any platform. It not only gives a good impression on people, but also gives a holistic view of a person’s personality. Furthermore, it enhances attractiveness and charm.

Due to growing hair problems, people have introduced various alternatives and solutions for baldness or less hair. One of the most proven and popular solutions is lace hair. Various celebrities and personalities use wigs to get a decent portion of hair on their head.

Despite being a famous alternative, people complain about lace. Most state that when they wear it, it gives an unnatural look. Any person can identify they have fake hair. But, people need not worry about this issue. The following section provides a complete guide to making their lace look more natural.

6 Important Tips For Getting A Natural Look With Hair Wigs

There are many chemicals and compounds people use to give a natural look to their wigs. These solutions are not safe and might cause problems. The following points highlight the most authentic and easy ways to give a natural look to lace.

Right Selection of Wig Type

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There are mainly four types of hair wigs a person can find at any hair salon or shop. A person should pick one that suits their hair goals and maintenance requirements. It depends on the user whether they want a protective style, low maintenance, minimal efforts, long hair, etc.

Based on these needs, a person should choose their desired lace. Most people prefer wearing ready-to-wear wigs that can be fitted in no time. They are more pocket-friendly than other types. There are no requirements for color selection, style, cut, etc.

However, if a person needs a realistic look, lace-front wigs are one of the best solutions. They are customizable and adjust according to the hairline. On the other hand, if customization and styling are the priorities, a person should go for 360 lace wigs.

These allow the users to change their hairstyle, with the wig cap positioned in the middle. When people are confused about their needs, they should pick a full lace wig. After getting the right wig type, the material of the hair is also a crucial element.

A person can get either synthetic hair or human hair. Undoubtedly, the former is a more cost-effective option than the latter. Human-made laces are more natural-looking than synthetic ones. Furthermore, the expensive ones can be heat-styled, which is otherwise impossible.

Size Matters

Size is the most significant aspect of lace selection. If wigs are oversized or undersized, it will give an unreal look. In order to get the right-sized wig, a person can measure the size of their head from ear-to-ear or forehead to the neck (till where the back of the lace will end).

Due to the high chances of improper measurement, many people prefer lace with adjustable straps. But if they go for cost-saving options, they will get fixed sizes. It is always better to double measure the size to avoid any regrets or embarrassments.

Knots Bleaching Process

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A person will most probably identify the unnatural look of hair or identify a wig by spotting the front edges of the lace. The lace hairline is generally unrealistic and gives a dotted black line which is easy to spot.

In order to give the most natural look to the hair, it is recommended to use powder and concealer. After brushing the dotted line, the harsh dark black color will be lightened. If a person is not well-versed with the bleaching process, they should mix the powder and apply it to the lace edges through their fingers. After this process, they will experience an even skin and hair tone.

Cutting And Adjusting Lace Wig

When a person gets ready-to-wear wigs, they do not need to adjust the lace or cut it down. But, in other lace types, there is a residual or excess lace. Since there are different head sizes and types, the user is required to cut the excess lace by themselves.

In order to get a natural look, it is crucial to adjust the wig correctly on the head. People should highlight and mark the size of their head by wearing a wig. After marking the needed hairline, cut it through the line accurately using scissors. A pro tip to remember while cutting is to outline the hairline using white eyeliner so that it vanishes easily.

Wig Plucking Process

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One of the most hectic and time-consuming processes of giving a natural look to lace is the plucking phase. It means the removal of excess hair along the hairline. When a person initially wears the wig, there will be dense hair popping on the head. It will give a distasteful look.

They should use tweezers to spread the hair evenly across the bald spots. It will lessen the bulky portion, giving a natural styling option. Furthermore, it is critical to understand the volume of the hair required. Experts advise plucking the hair cautiously to avoid uneven bald spots or hair.

Shampooing And Shining

People should regularly apply shampoo to their hair to get evenness in the hair color and smoothness in the scalp. Shampooing and shining the hair becomes more important when the lace is made of synthetic hair. Authentic products should be used for maintaining the lace and giving a natural look for a long time.

Wrapping Up

Lace wigs can enhance the overall style of a person. The key element in achieving a natural look through lace is getting one with human hair. Apart from this pro tip, the ways mentioned above are beneficial for sustaining a decent hair look in the long term.