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4 Funny Jokes Only Moms Would Understand

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If there is one thing that can make people happy and make them smile, it is their jokes. They are a kind of anecdote that happened at some point in the past and that anecdote started to be passed from one person to another and so today we have the opportunity to hear about them and laugh a little.

Jokes exist for one and only reason, and that is to cheer us up, to make us smile in moments when we really need it. Some people really have a talent for these things, and they manage to make the stupid joke they say sound really funny and not make them laugh to tears because it all comes down to the way in which the joke is interpreted.

If anyone really tries to tell a joke, it’s the fathers and there’s a whole section dedicated to them called dad jokes. Although many people think that these jokes are stupid and not so funny, in some situations they can deceive with a smile. They just want to be the charismatic and fun person in the company and make everyone around them laugh.

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How many times have we been in a situation when we are with the company and the father will want to use that situation to be the main comedian and to say a joke in order make us smile and present himself as a cool father in the company. But this does not always work out for him.

Let’s leave fathers aside for a while now, and focus on mothers because they are the ones who know how to tell a good joke and laugh at it. They have some talent for these things but they skillfully hide their talent. Not only are they great jokers, but they also know how to have fun when someone else tells funny jokes.

Today we will share with you some funny jokes that only mothers can understand and laugh out loud.

1. What Is Stronger Than the Morning Coffee You Drink? The Hands of Your Toddler.

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I was able to hear this joke in a nearby park where mothers were gathered at the children’s playground, and one of them said this joke, and the others burst out laughing at the same time. A few years later when I was babysitting my toddler niece, I managed to understand this joke, and even though I do not have the role of a mother, she still made me laugh to tears.

Because this is more than a joke, this is one hundred percent true. For such small creatures, babies and toddlers have incredible power in their hands. Once they grab something, there is no way you can pull it out of their little hands. Especially when they grab a lock of your hair, they hold on to that lock as if their lives depend on it. Their strength in small arms is so strong, they are like a mini Hulk.

2. Nothing Is Truly Lost Because Your Mother Can Find It.

I share this one every time my mother helps me find something, and every time I say this line I manage to elicit a loud laugh. Mothers have a strange superpower to know in every moment where there is an object we are looking for. I do not know how they succeed in this, because it is for every praise.

Not even the biggest services in the world like the CIA, FBI, or MI5 can match the information mothers have in their brains. Just by asking them at any time where is a thing you may have lost 5 years ago, they will be able to find that item at the speed of light. The same goes for the answers to any question you have, they will always give you a proper answer, although they are not sure if it is the right one, they will still try to solve the mystery that bothers you.

3. When They Asked the Mother Which of the Children Was Her Favorite, She Said None, Each of Them Irritates Me Equally.

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Of course, this is not true, at least in some cases, but mothers really understand this joke. As children grow and mature, we know how to be too hard and annoying to our mothers. Although at times we do not deserve any of the investment and sacrifice they make for us, we are still their product and they are stuck with us for the rest of their lives. However, when we become adults, and when we become parents ourselves, we can feel on our skin how they felt in the past, and then we manage to understand that and somehow atone for all the inconveniences they had with us when we were children.

4. I Do Not Want to Sleep Well as a Baby, I Want to Sleep Like My Husband.

This is one of the best and is an absolute hit. Those women who are still at the beginning of their new role as mothers will totally smile and agree with the truth in this joke. Although I do not know how they succeed in fulfilling their responsibilities, they are still our superheroes.

At the beginning of motherhood, they really have a hard period, juggling between babysitting, work, responsibilities at home, and much more. On the other hand, men have no problem with their sleep, and they manage to sleep better than babies who wake up several times a night because they are hungry or need a diaper change.

These are just a few jokes that mothers manage to identify with and make them smile out loud. But besides the funny jokes, there are countless funny mom videos that can make the same effect. If you click on the link, it will take you to a website with humorous videos that will bring you to tears of laughter. We recommend that you watch some of these videos and improve your mood with them, and have a good time. Have some fun, and don’t forget to share some of the jokes and help a mom have a great time.