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6 DIY Hair Removal Tips to Try at Home – Also Try YAMANGU


From sugar wax recipes to home appliances – hair removal has never been so accessible at home. Many girls do not want to go to a waxing salon at all, because that experience can be really painful and not give the desired results.

It is also quite difficult to find a salon of trust, which works with quality wax and in completely hygienic conditions. This is one of the reasons why more and more girls and women decide to invest in equipment so that they can wax at home or look for other ways to do it themselves.


Two years ago, curfews allowed us to be a little more creative and explore different ways of beautifying ourselves. However, hair removal is a specific and time-consuming task. Nevertheless, many people know how to make sugar wax themselves or find another practical way to remove these hairs.

Today we will talk about DIY waxing at home and the ways in which it is possible.

1. Waxing with a paste made of sugar

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This method even originated in ancient Egypt. Mix 30 milliliters of water and 30 milliliters of lemon juice and 130 grams of sugar (1/8 cups water, 1/8 cups lemon juice, one cup sugar). This mixture should be heated on the stove until it gets a golden brown color. Allow it to cool for about 30 minutes. You will get a stretchy mixture, which you apply to the parts of the body where you want to wax. Make sure the mixture is not too hot, so as not to burn yourself.

Many women already know how to prepare this recipe and have found the perfect measures for homemade sugar wax. The advantage of this method is that it has less irritation and it is much easier to remove excess wax from the body because it simply melts in water.

If you heat this mixture for a while, until it becomes a little runny, you can use it as plain wax and remove the hairs with textile strips. Keep in mind that for this, your hair needs to grow long enough to be effective.

2. Various hair removal devices for home use


We all know the classic hair removal machines, which can cause a lot of pain and irritation, although they are highly effective in hair removal. But there are also newer and more innovative methods, such as YAMANGU and similar brands and models, that work on the principle of light treatment of the hair follicles. This method gives longer-lasting results than any kind of hair removal directly from the skin. A great solution for all those looking for painless methods, with high efficiency and lasting results.

You can use the most common soap and razor at home, but you know that this solution is not permanent and that you need to repeat the procedure every few days.

3. Papaya and turmeric paste

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Many girls find that natural recipes are ideal for reducing hair growth. An example is a mixture of mashed fresh papaya and turmeric powder. If you use this once a week, within 2-3 months, you will notice hair loss. Turmeric has antioxidants, but papaya has enzymes that reduce growth. However, be careful with this recipe, as it can leave yellow marks on the skin, for which you will need several washes to disappear completely.

4. Hair removal gels and creams

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These products work in a way that weakens the hair through a chemical process and partially penetrates the follicle. This is a very easy method. You need to apply the cream or gel on the surface where you want to treat, wait a few minutes, and then remove with the tool that comes in the package, with a damp cloth, or just wash with running water.

This method is similar to ordinary shaving. The difference is that the chemical thins the hair and when it grows back, it is thin and delicate again, while with a razor it can look visually bigger. Gels and creams are more practical because you just have to apply and wait and the whole process does not take more than 10 minutes. Shaving can take more than 30 minutes. The only drawback is the intense smell of chemicals.

5. Using special shaving creams


Soap or your foamy shower gel is usually enough for shaving. But after shaving, you can not ignore the feeling of dry skin, which is even irritated in certain parts. The solution is to buy a special cream, which combines ingredients to be able to remove hair effectively, but also to contribute to skincare and hydration.

6. Waxing strips

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These tapes are available for sale and are not expensive. But it takes a lot of focus and skills to be able to wax yourself completely. Sometimes you may need to seek help from a sister or friend to reach parts that you can not easily see.

There are also cartridges with wax, which need to be melted and then applied directly to the skin. The package contains cellulose strips, which are glued to the wax, the hairs are removed and then you just need to wash the strips in cold water.

These are the favorites of girls who are not afraid of pain and who quickly and abruptly remove the strip from the skin.


Waxing at home is possible and can be really effective. Choosing the right method can be even more effective than going to a hair removal salon.

All you have to do is prepare the skin first, that is, gently exfoliate it to remove the dead cells, which reduces the effectiveness of each of the methods we have listed. Then, remove the hairs in a way that suits you. All that remains is to take a shower and hydrate the skin, so thе red spots won’t appear all over the skin.

If you have some efficient method of hair removal at home, feel free to share it with us. We will gladly share your experience with our readers too.