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What Is Alcohol Addiction And When Should You Seek Help?

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Alcoholism continues to be a major challenge affecting society and the economy at large. An increase in alcohol addictions has many side effects like loss of employment.

Despite the high rate of alcohol abuse, there are many Christian addiction recovery centers to help individuals in need. They help addicts recover while teaching them the word of God.

Understanding Alcohol Addiction and Intervention

Alcohol addiction simply means depending on alcohol. Some individuals may feel that they cannot function well without drinking alcohol. Addiction occurs when alcohol becomes a major key factor in one’s life.

Continue reading to learn when alcoholic men should seek help in Christian-based rehab facilities.

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When Drinking Occasionally

The first time one should visit a faith-based rehab facility is when he starts drinking occasionally. This is necessary to intervene in the early addiction stages. Many people in this stage are not yet serious alcohol consumers.

These drinkers consume large quantities of alcohol occasionally. Seeking help in this stage prevents one from starting down the path of getting addicted to alcohol. Individuals in this stage do not have to get admitted to rehab facilities.

Christian-based programs recommend counseling for occasional drinkers. Counseling helps people address whatever pushes them to take alcohol. For example, these programs can help one deal with stress and bad behaviors that may trigger alcohol abuse.

When Drinking More Frequently

At this stage, alcohol consumption increases and becomes more frequent. One is no longer experimenting. In this case, anything can make one drink alcohol.

Common triggering factors here are stress, boredom, or loneliness. Yet individuals in this stage are not yet entirely dependent on alcohol.

Christian rehab programs use a few approaches to help frequent alcohol consumers. One of them is support groups. Individuals can become connected with a certain church group to help them stay away from alcohol.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is also an important approach in this stage. This intervention method helps one to understand the side effects of alcohol consumption. Therapists can also teach some coping strategies or mechanisms for fighting addiction.

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When Drinking Uncontrollably

Going to a rehab facility is vital when drinking has become uncontrollable. Here, alcohol becomes a big problem that needs immediate intervention.

A few things happen to people who drink uncontrollably. One of them is avoiding important responsibilities like work. Such individuals will spend a lot of time recovering from alcoholism.

A change in social life also happens. Addicted individuals may start having problems with friends and colleagues at work. Strong cravings are also common in this stage.

One of the treatment options for problem drinkers is inpatient drinking. The treatment aims to keep them free from alcohol-tempting environments. Detox treatments like medications are also helpful in this stage.

When One Develops Drinking Tolerance

At this stage, one has to drink a lot of alcohol to feel drunk. This is the second-last stage before addiction or total alcohol dependence. Withdrawal symptoms are very common to alcoholics in this stage.

Many alcoholics at this level also experience health issues. Faith-based rehab programs use several approaches here. One of them is joint therapies to help the addicts deal with alcohol cravings. Full-time inpatient treatment is also used to aid the recovery process.

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Consider a Christian Addiction Recovery

Fighting alcoholism is one of the most challenging things. High alcohol tolerance and severity of the withdrawal symptoms make it impossible to fight the addiction independently. Choosing a good Christian addiction recovery center is key for a faster recovery process.

These facilities have secure and safe environments to help alcoholics recover successfully. They also have other like-minded people who provide great peer support to the addicts. Apart from breaking the addiction, one also builds his faith in God and avoids future temptations of alcoholism.