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Why Are Australian Women So Obsessed With Vegan Lollies and Candies

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The modern world we live in is very diverse in terms of dieting. It seems that there is a new way to eat and approach the whole question of food and drinks every year. Many debates have taken place in recent years over which of these is the best and why. Of course, everyone is different and many people view their food as the most important thing in the world. It is normal to enjoy food and look forward to meals.

However, it can also be a problem because it does not take long to develop the habit of overeating and therefore gaining weight. For various reasons, people have come up with many different dietary programs that include or eliminate whole food groups. The most popular ones, apart from simply eating anything and everything without any rules, include vegetarianism and veganism.

Veganism is Hugely Popular

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While vegetarianism has been around for decades, veganism as a movement and as a culture has only been mainstream for about a decade. Still though, it has millions of supporters around the world who want to protect animals and the environment we live in. Of course, eating however you want and whatever you want is your own choice. But a lot of individuals take things too far when they try to force others to make a permanent change and stop eating meat, or animal products in general.

People have eaten meat for thousands of years and we need it to properly function, it is true. In contemporary times though where technology can do so much, there are many alternatives that give the human body everything the meat can give it. If somebody wants to, they can live a healthy and prosperous life and never touch animal products again.

Anything Can Be Vegan These Days

The great thing about going vegan is that a lot of different food now exists that is vegan, not just those that try to replace meat. Food that people who made the switch and stopped eating animal products missed the most was definitely sweets, particularly candy like lollipops. No longer should you worry though as there are now vegan lollies and many other types of candy. They are popular all over the world, from the US all the way down in Australia.

Australian women are particularly in love with vegan lollies and other candies and the reasons for this are many.  In this article we talk about this very phenomenon, vegan candies, and try to answer the question of why the ladies Down Under love them so much. If you want to learn more about these, or, better yet, shop for some of the tastiest vegan lollipops and candy available, make sure to check out vegan lollies nz.

Australia and Candy

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It is no secret that the Aussies love their candy. As a matter of fact, they are among the biggest candy consumers on the planet, as well as the country with one of the most diverse selection of lollies, candy, and sweets. Both their domestic brands and foreign classica are huge among their people, and the women love them a lot. There is no point in mentioning them simply because they have it all down there. Chocolaty, creamy, caramelly, fruity, soft, hard, sour, minty… the list goes on and on.

They also start very young and get hooked on the deeply rooted culture of consuming many different types of sweets during their childhood. It is therefore not a shocker that the ladies continue to adore them as adults. Of course, as grownups, we know that candy is not that good for us, but this is where vegan options come in.

Vegan Candy is the Real Deal

It hardly matters why you need to buy a fresh batch of your favorite lollies or candy. Whether it is Halloween shopping or simply restocking on your go-to sweet, vegan options in Aussieland are widely available and quite common these days. If you love sweets but staying away from products that contain high amounts of animal products is what you want, eating vegan candies is a no-brainer. Women of Australia love them because they protect the environment by eliminating any and all animal products from their production. If the package has a vegan stamp on it, you will know that there is absolutely on stage in their production that includes animal products.

Fair trade production practices fall under the category of veganism awareness. If you like chocolate candies and lollies, you should know that milk chocolate is definitely not vegan nor can it ever be. Dark chocolate is the best and highest-quality chocolate anyway, so if you like it you are already eating vegan. Australians know this well as they enjoy dark chocolate more than your average country.

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A good way to tell if the candy you want to buy is vegan is to check the label for the manufacturer. Companies that care for the environment and are part of the fair trade efforts are usually small. They are run by connoisseurs and experts who do not care about going commercial and producing on a large scale. Smaller scale, usually family owned businesses are the ones of the highest quality, which is true for all types of food including candy and lollies.


Women like candy and that much is widely known. Everyone does, but it is hardly a secret that the ladies have a harder time resisting it. In Australia, things are very much the same, but the women also care more about the world we live in today than ever before. Eating healthier and caring for our animal friends are the two main reasons why the women of Australia are obsessed with vegan lollies and other candy products.

Many say that going vegan is the future and a lot of people did not want to try this diet because they could not leave their sweets behind. Well, not they can and all they have to do is follow in the steps of Aussie ladies. They seem to have figured out how to continue enjoying their treats while caring for themselves and the planet!