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When Your Mother Needs Mothering

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When your mother needs mothering, she will find it in the mother wound. The mother wound is a support group for mothers that are struggling with their own mental health.


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This month, I have a tale that is a little more difficult to get off my chest than my typical “What the actual frick am I doing in my relationship, oh God I am a mess” meltdowns. Those are surprisingly simple for me since I am at peace with the idea that I am, in fact, a shambles.

This is a lengthy tale about my (amazing) mother and my (always-developing) connection with her, and I sat looking at a blank page for a long time because I wanted to get it perfect. It probably isn’t, but deadlines, you know.

So, since we’re friends, I’m hoping you’ll be patient with me. My greatest worry in writing this is that anybody who has lost a mother or parent would think of me as “this bitch,” or that anything in this post will harm a lady I care deeply about (despite the fact that I’ve cleared writing this article with her). So, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll just recognize those things right now and then we can go on, okay?

  1. Please understand that I do not take the fact that I have a mother with whom I can have a connection for granted.
  2. Mom! I adore you and am very proud of us! I’m so grateful you gave birth to me; without you, I wouldn’t be who I am today.

I want to write this as honestly as possible because I believe it is essential, and it relates to the complex relationships that many of us have with our mothers but seldom discuss outside of an eye roll and a “Ugh, moms, amiright?”

My mother is not one of my closest friends. I mean that in the best kind, grateful, respectful, and “please don’t dismiss me as the Devil” manner imaginable. My mother is my mother.

There’s a stigma out there (thanks, social media?) that’s been fostered. Hallmark, thank you? Thanks, Gilmore Girls? ), that you and your mother should be BFF4EA from the moment you step out of her vaginal canal, and while that’s *amazing* if you are, I don’t want my mother to think there’s something wrong with us, or with her, or that she should’ve taken a left when she took a right and it kept us from being BFF4EA. My mother and I have the kind of connection that is expected of us. Period.

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I’m not emotionally reliant on my mother because I wasn’t permitted to be for a long time. It wasn’t a deliberate or conscious attempt on my part to wean myself from some of my emotional dependence on her. Your brain just analyzes information and adapts appropriately.

My mother is not one of my closest friends. I mean that in the best kind, grateful, respectful, and “please don’t dismiss me as the Devil” manner imaginable. My mother is my mother.

My mother and I went through a tough time. It wasn’t terrible every day, but when it was bad, it was very nasty. My mom, unknown to me, was struggling with mental health problems, and I was a hormonal know-it-all adolescent. Warning: this is not a good pairing.

We’d have arguments as mothers and adolescents do. I’d blow up, and she’d blow up. When she was angry or wounded by me, she didn’t scream at me or send me to my room until she was ready to speak about it: she just stopped talking to me.

That’s how she learnt to express her dissatisfaction, so she did. With a kid who was too young to comprehend mental illness and too naïve to see that our parents aren’t always correct. I had to learn how to detect her mood instantly in order to “survive,” as my therapist put it. I was able to decipher the small muscles in her facial movements as though they formed a mood language that only she and I understood.

As I got older, I saw the same patterns develop inside of me and contribute to the breakdown of relationships with individuals who were not related to me by blood. Who said you had to forgive me or stay with me? Surprisingly, it was a disaster.

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I didn’t promise myself “NO MORE” until I was in a relationship with someone I wanted to be better for. A win, but I couldn’t shake the anger I had for my mother’s communication abilities, or lack thereof.

Years later, after a recurrence of a triggering incident, I went insane. I spoke things I’d been meaning to speak for a long time. “You don’t DO anything. THAT. When your emotions are wounded, you don’t ignore and shut off the people you care about. That’s not how you express your dissatisfaction to others. You are the one who speaks. You are a communicator. You figure it out. Then you go on to the next step. “You improve.”

I’ll save you the specifics, but what followed was a frank and unpleasant discussion punctuated by many tears.

I don’t blame her for not wanting to hear it. I can’t fathom how easy it is to get negative criticism from someone you raised who is 25 years your younger. You’re “supposed” to teach them everything, even how to wash their teeth and control their anger; if you can, be the ideal and steady role model 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It’s simple stuff.

I have no idea what it’s like to be a parent. I can’t fathom how difficult the fight is. And I witness my mother’s and other mothers’ struggle with being so hard on themselves for not knowing how to behave in certain circumstances. I remember my mother weeping to me after a fight with me when I was very young, maybe seven years old, and saying, “I’m sorry I’m such a terrible mother.” That irritates me greatly.

Be open to learning at any age, regardless of who you learn from or how many trips around the sun you’ve taken… Hearing something essential may be painful at times; typically, the most important things are. But have faith that those who care about you want to help you improve.

I’m sorry to be the one to tell you this since we’ve probably never met and this is unsolicited advise, but you’re not perfect. It’s OK if you don’t have all the answers. It’s just fine! Life, as we’ve already covered in this class, may be difficult and difficult! Be receptive.

Be open to learning at any age, regardless of who you’re learning from or how many journeys around the sun you’ve taken. Five-year-olds, in my opinion, are the brightest individuals on the world! Hearing something essential may be painful at times; typically, the most important things are. But have faith that those who care about you want to help you improve.

My mother, bless her heart, has been trying very hard to improve at something that is deeply entrenched in her. It’s difficult to change decades of bad habits, and I understand. It means everything to me to see her obviously reflected effort. This mother daughter ring for example means the love between mother & daughter is forever.

I’m going through the same thing. For example, I have a slight dislike to my mother expressing emotion, which should legally get me fired as a daughter? I’m assuming, though I’m not sure why, that her tears bring back memories of The Fun Days, and the men operating the switches above are screaming, “ABORT MISSION! ABORT! RUN! SHUT DOWN!” NOPE!”

What I *do* understand is that our time on this earth is limited; I believe in striving to develop as a species, collectively, since what else is the point?

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The healing the mother wound pdf is a book that was written by Dr. John Bradshaw, who talks about how to heal the mother wound.

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