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A Fresh Take on Organizing Your Life: The New W&D Product Line Has Arrived – | Designing a Life Well-Lived

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The W&D product line has arrived and is designed to help you organize your life. It’s a fresh take on organizing your life that will help you get more done, feel less stressed, and live better.

Organizing your life into categories like home, work, and social can be a great way to keep track of what’s going on. The New W&D Product Line Has Arrived – Designing a Life Well-Lived is an article that provides tips for organizing your life.

A-Fresh-Take-on-Organizing-Your-Life-The-New-WampDNow is the time to check out’s new planning and productivity tools!

It’s finally here, you guys!! For almost a year, I’ve been anticipating this moment. Our range of planning and productivity tools is now available on Shop. We worked, modified, and tested these methods to build a portfolio of goods that will help you achieve mental clarity and determine what has to be done by matching your priorities with your daily duties.

We examined our connection with to-do lists and concluded there has to be a better approach—a way to avoid allowing the amount of things done determine how good or terrible our day was. A location where you may keep track of not just your mental well-being, but also how your values and priorities manifest themselves in the little things you do every day.


I’m excited to introduce these tangible goods because I think that putting pen to paper causes the brain to absorb information in a whole new manner, particularly for those who suffer from ADHD, anxiety, and other mood and learning problems.



Planner for 2024

Say hi to your new best friend in the planner department. With our weekly and monthly planning pages, lay-flat binding, and goal-setting pages, you can plan out the following 12 months. Do you want to keep track of an upcoming event or a goal? To make sure your plan to take over the world doesn’t get lost in the shuffle, we’ve included a ribbon bookmark and sticky page markers.


Each month and week challenges you with questions to help you determine what’s essential to you, such as…

What’s the most important thing that has to happen this week?

What may be put off until the following week?

What one thing will you do for yourself?

This calendar is intended to keep your most essential information together in a beautiful book that may serve as a kind of time capsule for the beginning of a new decade, with space to sketch, store ideas or notes, and enough area for note-taking each week.


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Everyone who tried out our new planner design was encouraged to start each month by reflecting on what mattered most to them. By focusing your thoughts on what matters most in life and at work, you’ll be better equipped to make decisions that will allow you to live the life you desire in the future.

It’s never too early to start planning for your future self in 2024.



Keep Your Notebook on Track

team approved and tested! This is a system that we swear by. Each page lays out the week by day, project, and objectives in the notebook’s 180 perforated weekly planning sheets. By organizing your week ahead of time, you can avoid the Sunday Scaries. Insider tip: add one item that is just for you (it keeps us on track as well).


This notebook was inspired by how I arrange 11 x 8.5 pieces of paper. I could monitor my time with enough freedom to shift things about as my week unfolded by using it as a tool to quickly determine which tasks were priority while keeping the broader picture in mind. Because the unexpected always happens, things always take longer than anticipated, and we shouldn’t have to keep track of everything in our minds.



Notebook for Taking Notes

Now you have no excuse for forgetting that brilliant idea you had once. Our Write It Down Notepad was created with portability in mind. It will fit in a backpack, handbag, or pockets at little under 6 inches. You’ll have 135 pages to fill with to-do lists, love notes, or quick drawings thanks to the linen cover and metal spiral biding.


Because I typically think of important ideas or chores while in the shower, applying my makeup, or falling asleep, I keep one of these notebooks on my bedside table for fast reference. I don’t have to be concerned when there is a single location for all of those little things.



Self-Reflection Journal

Our best-selling laptop has been upgraded to offer even more premium features. In black linen, 160 lay-flat, lined cream pages (twice the number from the previous edition) are bound. We’ve also included a ribbon bookmark and an inner back pocket to keep track of that Big Idea from three weeks ago. Keeping everything in your mind is no longer an option.


This notebook is the dream diary of mine. Even for the simplest ideas, I wanted a unique space. I prefer to use my Note To Self notebook for my journaling routine, which entails writing for 10 minutes every day at the same time. That might be in the shower or in my sunroom in the morning. Whatever is appropriate for the season. The goal is to get all of my jumbled ideas out of my brain and onto paper so that I can connect with my emotions and focus on what matters most in my day.




Large Notepad for the Desktop

The Large Desktop Notebook is a show-stopper for your desk, and it’s the ideal location to keep track of to-do lists, appointments, and odd ideas. You can keep track of weekly (or daily) to-dos with 150 perforated cream-colored pages, beginning anew as necessary.


This notebook is my go-to place for drawing, scribbling short notes, and planning out future company strategies. It’s big enough to encourage a more creative approach to getting your ideas out, and I like how easy you can rip out pages to preserve or start again.



Notepad with No Bad Days

Having little acts of self-care on hand at all times relieves the strain on my brain to come up with a solution to alleviate anxiety and stress. I wanted to find a method to remove my checklist from my phone and integrate it into my routines without needing to use a computer. Here’s what I came up with: the No Bad Days Notepad.


Our No Bad Days Notepad was created with the notion that the little actions we do every day may help us have better days. And, when a terrible day does happen, you’ve got a few tricks under your sleeve to help make it a little less…awful. This notebook contains room for scribbling down ideas to clear your mind and get on with your not-so-bad day, inspired by my own approach to daily routines.


It’s a great present for a friend or family member who needs a boost, or a treat for yourself to help you psychologically prepare to #BYEFELICIA whatever life throws your way.


That is all there is to it. Our newest product range. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts and see these babies in their new homes. They’ll (hopefully) make life a bit easier for you and allow you to concentrate on what important to you rather than what others want you to do in a day. Free of guilt, humiliation, or the pressure to hustle your way to the top, go out and plan your future.

Whatever route you pick, whatever strategy you devise, be sure it does not jeopardize what is most important in your life. After all, success is a subjective concept.

Do you want to know whether we sell wholesale? There’s good news! Yes, we do! To be connected with our wholesale partner, Design Loop, please email [email protected].

The how to organize your life with a notebook is a new product line by W&D. The company has created notebooks that are designed to help you organize your life.

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