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Why Owning Fewer Clothes Will Make You a Better Dresser

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If you are like most women, your closet holds hundreds if not thousands of clothing items. While it may seem that having more clothes means that you can always find something to wear, it may, in practice have a completely opposite effect.

The decision to cut down on your clothing purchases and to own fewer clothes is very likely to make you a much better dresser. This article gives the most important reasons why.

You Will Plan Your Purchases Better

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Owning fewer clothes means buying less and that, in turn, starts from avoiding any and all impulse purchases. Instead of amassing stuff for dubious reasons you will start planning your wardrobe and your purchases. Your commitment to buying less will have you thinking about which clothing items are the ones that you really want and need.

As soon as you start planning your purchases and buying clothes that you are completely sure about, you will have a much more coordinated wardrobe and much better options for getting dressed each morning.

You Can Afford to Buy Better Quality Clothes

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We have a tendency to buy lots of clothes because we can and also because fashion magazines urge us to follow fashion trends and dress accordingly. Sure, shopping and experimenting with new styles is fun, but ending up with a lot of items that don’t really match with anything else, is not.

The 80/20 principle also applies in fashion. According to this principle women wear 20% of their clothing 80% of the time. This 20% comprises items that we know work well for us, that we take the best care of, and that are easy to combine with each other. It is safe to say that the money we’ve spent on the rest of our clothes has pretty much been waisted.

By planning your purchases better and by buying fewer clothes you can afford to get better quality items. There is a world of a difference between how a button-up bought from a fast fashion company and one bought from a sustainable brand looks. You will understand the difference the moment you try the premium quality dress shirt (or any other quality item) on and so will everyone around you.

Better quality items also tend to last longer than their lower quality counterparts and thus do not need to be replaced quite as often. By investing in quality you may thus very well end up also saving money besides looking better.

You Will Take Better Care of the Clothes You Own

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If the pieces in your wardrobe are of good quality, carefully planned, and well loved, you are very likely to take good care of them. With your closet less cluttered, you will be able to give each item a little room to breath. This helps to avoid wrinkles but also allows clothes to air out and stay fresh.

Your motivation to pay more attention to how you do your laundry and to how you protect your clothes when you are wearing them will have everything looking awesome and lasting long.

A Well-Curated Wardrobe Will Eliminate Battles in Getting Dressed

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For most of us, the hardest part of getting dressed in the mornings is figuring out what to wear. We toss something on, and then spend a lot of time trying to fix the look when something looks off. Very often we run out of time before achieving the result we are actually happy with and just have to settle for something. This all stems from not having a wardrobe that we actually like and can easily navigate.

Once you curate your ideal wardrobe with pieces you love, it becomes much easier to get ready in the morning – you already know what works well together, so deciding what to wear becomes less of a struggle. No to mention that the outcome will make you feel confident and ready for the day ahead.

In Conclusion

How many times have you bought a piece of clothing and realized later that it just doesn’t go with anything in your closet?

When you own fewer clothes, you become more selective about what you buy. You will be able to mix and match everything that you own and that’s how real style is cultivated.