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Women Share the Unconventional Things That Turn Them On

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Women have a lot of different desires and interests, but what exactly do they find sexy?

Women share the weird things that turn guys on in this article. These are some of the more unusual things that women find attractive.

Women-Share-the-Unconventional-Things-That-Turn-Them-OnThat strong, steamy scent when it rains over hot tar. In a gloomy room, red Christmas lights are turned on. Sticking my finger in the opening of a blooming peony or the tight center hole of my ponytail every now and then. A peony’s tightly closed buds, with all of its petals meticulously wrapped. When a guy places his hand on the headrest to look behind him while driving in reverse. Women who are calm. Women who are furious. Backpacks. The interval between lightning and thunder when the rumbling is expected.

All of the switches are turned on. Each and every one of them.

Simple joys may be some of these turn ons. They’re just times in life when our senses are heightened and we experience a surge of visceral energy. Simple pleasures may make you happier. They pique our interest. They’re a different kind of turn on. They’re out of the ordinary.

How about this as an example? It doesn’t have to be about men or women to make you feel hot and uncomfortable. Sex may be about how we enjoy life in various situations. Unusual (and simple) things may turn us on in this way. We are all human beings. Our senses are like tiny tendrils of emotions. They keep the flame of life burning. You’re not strange for having sexual urges in unexpected places. Seasons, foods, fragrances, nature, sounds It’s all about the little things. Exploring the world and allowing it to come to us in magnificent bursts of yearning is, after all, how we may live a full life.

It doesn’t have to be about men or women to make you feel hot and uncomfortable. Sex may be about how we love life in various situations… Exploring the world and allowing it to come to us in magnificent bursts of yearning is, after all, how we may live a full life.

So I invited my Instagram friends (and a few guys) to share their unusual turn ons and let their freak flags fly. Rich scents, gut-wrenching noises, and wildlife are just a few of the short topics. Nature has a way of turning us on, and I adore it! That is, after all, what spring is all about. Here’s to the irrational ones who, for the first time since winter, hear leaves rustling and sense butterflies down below.

Let’s take a look at some of the unusual things that get us going:

  • Repetitive sounds that sound like a squeaky bed somehow turn me on.
  • The sound of a short beard’s fingernails scraping.
  • People who have a low voice.
  • Cats are held by men.
  • Ankles. I’m a sucker for a nice slender ankle.
  • When the scent of a neighbor’s dryer exhaust wafts into your path as you pass by.
  • Rain is pelting the windows.
  • Swimming in the rain is an interesting experience. The rain dances over the lake, which I can feel, hear, and see.
  • The first snowstorm has arrived. It’s pure magic.
  • When you play a vinyl record, you’ll hear a crackling sound.
  • There’s something sensuous about a leisurely yoga sequence from down dog to up dog.
  • When a man I like thinks I’m hilarious and laughs at my jokes out loud.
  • Hands of Harry Potter.
  • I was alone in the middle of the lake.
  • Numbers! When numbers match precisely in my head and the environment, I have the weirdest obsession.
  • A strong summer breeze on a hot summer day really gets me going!
  • When you blow out birthday candles, you get this fragrance.
  • This is a bit off topic—not it’s precisely something that gets me on—but I find I’m more readily turned on when I need to pee. Does it, for example, make it more sensitive?
  • Walking by a bar and smelled greasy, wonderful food.
  • When cutting paper using a paper cutter, it’s important to achieve a straight, clean cut. There’s also the scent of suntan oil.
  • At night, a train horn may be heard in the distance.
  • Piano music of exceptional quality.
  • Machines for washing clothes.
  • When you’ve been on your feet all day and finally sit down to massage away the aches and pains.
  • A diesel engine makes a noise.
  • The sex scene between Jon and Dany in Game of Thrones is NOT original. **self-favorites**
  • A fully bloomed flower. Like, completely open.
  • Clavicles, collarbones, and the nape of the neck are all examples of this.
  • Flowers, especially peonies, that have been freshly cut.
  • Ponds with beautiful vegetation around them.
  • When strangers are defended by strangers. Especially if they’re speaking out for a minority or persecuted individual who isn’t in their own group.
  • I like the scent of gasoline.
  • After the first few minutes of a downpour, the scent of heated pavement. On a cold day, getting into a sun-warmed vehicle.
  • When you’re swimming underwater and the sun is shining brightly on the water.
  • A woman in a hot power suit and a camel colored trench with heels. I’m pretty heterosexual, yet I get shaken when I see someone rocking an androgynous appearance.
  • The sound of a wine bottle being opened.
  • On the forearms, there are veins. What exactly is it? Why do I want you to use them to touch me?
  • Tools are being used by men.
  • The aroma of strong coffee brewing for the first time.
  • When a string harmony descends smoothly due to pitch shift. What’s a good example? Playground Love is a song by Air.
  • Hot yoga makes you sweat.
  • The sky is dark and overcast.
  • Towels and bedding that have been freshly washed.
  • Lilac season is here. (Writer’s Note: Lilac flowering season in Minnesota begins in mid-May; if you think I’m not going to motorboat 100 lilac bundles this season, you’re wrong.)

We’re not done yet! Leave your unusual turn-ons in the comments section below!

Women share the unconventional things that turn them on. From flowers to ice cream, these are the things that make women go wild. Reference: things that turn guys on to the max.

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