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Is Nylon Or Polyester Better For Activewear? 7 Things To Know

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Athletic wear is trending for all the right reasons. Some people think of wearing anything and hitting the gym, while others think of preparing a proper wardrobe. The process for getting your hands on it is simple, as numerous outlets exist.

You will find many options when you search for suitable workout clothes. Some fabrics are lovely, but others are more harmful than doing any good to the person wearing them. Hence, it is always suggested to go for sustainable activewear.

But, while choosing the right activewear, there are certain things that you need to consider.

  • The cloth from which the activewear is made should be breathable.
  • It should have an excellent sweat-wicking ability, which means that the product can pull away the body’s moisture and a faster evaporation rate.
  • The comfort level should be considered.
  • The fitting should be considered while making the final purchase.

The most famous ones are polyester and nylon. They are popular as they share various characteristics. They have their unique strengths and weaknesses. If you are thinking of getting the proper grip while choosing the fabric for your workout requirements, you should see some factors specific to each of them.


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You can recognize it as a plastic or polymer. It is a synthetic fabric resulting from the polymerization process, and the combination of monomers is done with the help of heat and pressure. The fabric industry is witnessing significant advancements. The present scenario shows that polyester fabric is available in different weights and textures. Also, they are light and smooth, which makes them a good pick in the market.

Also, many polyester products are made of recycled plastic, raising the nonbiodegradable option, which helps in the environmental impact.


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Nylon is another form of the polymer resulting from processes with petroleum. It combines the individual monomers into a long polymer. Nylon polymers are melted from bead-like pellets. They are converted into long strings extruded through the industrial nozzles to make the filaments. They eventually become a thread, and that’s how they become a fabric.

So, there are many similarities between the processes. But, the critical difference is that the hydrogen bonds are weak in nylon, but in polyester, the bond is strong.

Nylon was the first synthetic fabric that made it to the market and was lightweight and silky. Apart from clothes, both are used in various things. But, for activewear, you need to draw a comparison for a better choice.


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Let’s understand the difference to make a better decision about choosing any of them for activewear.

● Softness

If you have sensitive skin and want to go for a softer cloth, nylon should be a preference as it is softer. You will not face a problem while using nylon, but polyester can be problematic for your sensitive skin requirements. Also, dry and oily skin has other concerns, and you should choose accordingly. But if you are looking for a water-resistant fabric, then polyester should be your pick.

● Versatility

Polyester fabric is further known for its versatility and is produced in bulk. So, the availability is okay with this one. Hence, if you want constant availability of clothes for your workout wardrobe, consider buying this one.

Bulk quantity production helps people with constant availability, making them not settle for lesser quality products or fabric. The best part about both of them is that they are lightweight and known for their durability and water resistance.

● Resistance Factors

Now, let’s talk about the resistance ability of these materials. Apart from water resistance, there are other things for consideration, like mildew resistance. The fabrics resist mold and are tough, making them a good pick against any weathering.

During any workout, you tend to sweat, which creates a terrible odor in the body. It is uncomfortable for you and the people around you. Polyester absorbs oil and also helps in holding onto the smell. However, nylon does not do the same. Hence, polyester provides the user with an edge here.

● Relation With Sunlight

Another consideration is the fabric’s relation to sunlight. You can wear activewear anytime during the day and for any purpose. So, you need activewear that is made from material that will not fade if you decide to move out wearing it. So, in such a case, your pick should be polyester. It will not fade or cause harm to the body while exposed to the sun. However, nylon is less UV resistant; hence, you will see it fade over time.

● Flammability

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As the name suggests, flammability means the relation of these materials with heat and rising temperature. These fabrics are heat resistant but will eventually melt and burn. Hence, it would help if you were specific about these doubts before making your final purchase.

● Care

It would help if you cared about your activewear, too. Care is not a problem as they can be washed in a machine and offer easy handling. After a machine wash, you can opt for a regular air dry. You need not iron or use the steam over them.

● Costing

Now comes the last thing that you need to know about these materials. You might have seen that different market brands offer a vast range of fitness activewear due to other materials. But, if you want to discuss polyester and nylon in particular, you will find that nylon is sold at a higher price. Hence, polyester is the right option if you want to go for a budget purchase.


Both nylon and polyester do well in the athletic wear field. They are good picks in the form of outdoor apparel and backpacks. Hence, if you pick any of them, you are helping yourself to a better and more comfortable workout. But, if you dig into the specifications, you will conclude that polyester has a broader appeal in the clothing industry. On the other hand, nylon material is used in selective clothing. So, you can choose accordingly.