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6 Morning Skincare Routine Myths You Need To Stop Believing

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Skin and hair care is becoming a topic of hot interest among young adults as well as grownups. Beautification of the skin for avoiding and fighting problems like pores, ageing, black spots, pimples, etc., is greatly popular. However, there are many myths in this industry about skincare routines. In this article, you will get enlightened about a few of them.

Morning skincare routines are a part of the beauty regime that is followed by people. Morning and night routines vary according to the skin of people and involve different creams, toners, and lotions. Before deciding on your skincare routine, you must know all about health and beauty solutions. You will get to know better what exactly your skin needs.

You may want soft, supple, and healthy skin, but you should know the difference between the right solutions and the myths. Follow through the article, and all your beliefs will be cleared out.

A Morning Skincare Routine That You Must Follow

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There is a stepwise skincare regime for your morning skin. It includes a 5 step process that will help you get glowing and fresh skin.

Cleanse Your Skin

The first thing you should do is clean your face with water. It will clear out all the dirt and open pores. Later, you can use cleansing oils that will suit your skin type. The nutrients in oils refresh the skin.

Apply Serum

As you get older, your skin faces many problems. It gets damaged due to exposure to the sun and slowly stops producing collagen. The skin gets wrinkled and becomes dull. Serum can help you bring back the glow on your skin. Applying serum brightens up your skin.

Apply Eye Cream

The next that you need to do for your morning skincare routine is apply eye cream. Look for an anti-oxidant-rich eye cream for the dark circles that develop due to age, pollution, less sleep, etc. eye creams help the skin tone under the eyes in the evening.

Moisturize Your Skin

Hydrating your skin is very important. The serum works for the internal hydration of the skin and moisturizer for the external skin. Thus, it is very important that you use moisturizers for hydrating and moisturizing the skin.

Apply Sunscreen

Do not skip this step if you are about to go out in the sun. Make sure to apply sunscreen. It will protect your skin from redirected sunlight. If you don’t do this step, your skin regime so far won’t work well, and you will experience tanning.

Myths you should know about

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These are a few certain myths that you must know when doing morning routines. See that you know all about the fact check before trying any solution. The myths are as follows.

1. Eye Creams Don’t Work

Although eye cream is a step in the morning regime, many consider it useless. It is a common myth when it comes to skincare that eye creams don’t do anything. However, if you are concerned with dark circles and puffy eyes, these creams will greatly help you. These creams brighten up the skin avoiding inflammation and giving it youthful skin. If an eye cream has the ingredients needed and is created for your particular skin issues, it can have many advantages. Vitamin c, caffeine, hyaluronic acid, etc., are the ingredients that hydrate and brighten skin.

2. Drinking Water Hydrates The Skin

It’s the most followed myth by people. Almost everyone believes that drinking water can help in hydrating. However, there is no solid evidence for this. Even though increasing your water intake can help with other health issues, your skin won’t absorb water directly. Water will certainly help to keep your overall body hydrated but not specifically your skin cells. The best way is to use moisturizer and body lotions.

3. Acne Is Caused Because Of Not Washing The Face

Oil production, blocked pores, bacteria, and inflammation all contribute to acne, with hormones, stress, and occasionally diet having a significant impact. Regularly Washing your face with water won’t cause acne, but it will also not specifically cause it. Thus, you must know that in your morning skincare routine, washing your face to avoid acne is a myth.

4. Toners Are Necessary For The Skincare Regime

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It is believed that toners help oily skin prevent acne. Nevertheless, washing with water and a mild cleanser is sufficient to clean the face completely. It is not required that you completely clear your face of all the natural oils. Toners are helpful in reducing the oils in the skin, reducing acne breakout, and even exfoliating the skin, but their ingredient content may cause damage.

5. Sunscreen Is Needed Only In Summer

The final step in your regime is applying sunscreen. However, it is not limited to just summers. You need it during winter and fall as well. The sunburn-causing ultraviolet (UV) rays are always present, even in the winter. These rays cause wrinkles, pigmentation, and fine lines. Thus, applying sunscreen 365 days a while going out is important for complete protection.

6. Organic And Natural Skincare Products Are Good For The Skin

The idea that organic and natural products are safer is among the biggest misconceptions in dermatology and medicine. These products often contain essential oils and ingredients that may cause allergies in some people. Not all things come from nature and are non-toxic and good for the skin. You should know what is healthy and what suits your skin type.

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So these are the myths related to morning skincare routines that you must stop believing. Morning skincare generally involves face cleansing, moisturizing, toning, and applying eye cream and sunscreen. If you follow this regime, you will get your desired type of skin. However, it is associated with some problems that can only be solved by knowing the myths.

The common myths are that drinking water hydrates skin, using toners, spray tanning, natural products res after to the skin, eye creams are useless, etc. In this article, all these myths have been explained by stating facts about them. You will have a good knowledge of the myths that you have been following for so long.