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5 Ways To Give Healthy Options To Kids With A Busy Lifestyle

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Being a parent is hard. A jam-packed day full of school, sports, cooking, appointments, and homework doesn’t leave much time for anything, especially ensuring that your kids get all the nutrition they need. Between the whining from your backseat drivers telling you they’re starving and the 30 minutes you have between your oldest kid’s soccer practice and your youngest’s bedtime, grabbing a drive-thru meal has become the most efficient and argument-free way to go.

Kids are now facing issues like obesity, diabetes, and heart problems at a much younger age than before, due to the volume of fast food they consume. Specifically, 340 million kids around the world are struggling with obesity today. That number is the largest it’s ever been and only growing larger.

But that shouldn’t be the case. We are starting to see change, with a wider variety of plant-based foods in stores, providing food with the same amount of protein as a traditional fast food meal without all sugars and fats.

“We realized how corrupt food has become and how dangerous it can be to form unhealthy habits at such a young age.” Howard Panes, CEO and Co-Founder of Mighty YumTM.

But most plant-based foods lack the ability to accompany your kids on their busy days. Founders of Mighty Yum™, Marc Elkman and Howard Panes, are no strangers to this struggle. That’s why Mighty Yum™ is a non-gmo plant-based take on our favorite nostalgic lunch kit. With plant-based versions of our classic turkey and cheese crackers, the classic ham and cheese crackers, and pepperoni pizza. Mighty Yum™ provides plant-based fun for everyone to enjoy.

So, where do you begin? Here are five tips for incorporating healthy eating into your busy schedule.

1. Start Meal Prepping

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Planning is one of the easiest ways to ensure healthy eating on a busy schedule. Although easier said than done, if you have a day during the week with fewer commitments than the rest, make a big batch of something healthy that your kids enjoy and prepare it for various days of the week.

Protein bowls are a great example. You can mix and match different ingredients, start with a rice base, and throw in some plant-based treats. They preserve well and make for a great and filling meal.

2. Take your kids along on the grocery trip

One of the biggest problems many families have is the ever-so-familiar “we have no food in the house” fight. But taking your children shopping with you and having them pick out some of the items gets them excited about eating healthy and gives them a sense of autonomy over their meals. Have them pick out things they’re excited to eat, and even better, make it with them. They not only get their nutrition, but they get to spend some time with you.

3. Make the healthy version of their unhealthy favorites

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There are a million recipes for everything. And more importantly, healthier ones. Take your kid’s favorite dishes like burgers, pizza, and desserts, and turn them into a healthier version. For example, you could try the notorious black bean brownie. Rather than a traditional brownie with all of the sugar and fats, you can make a more nutritious treat that tastes just as good. And when you surprise your kids with the treat, they will be so excited they won’t taste the difference!

4. Make a day out of it!

The more interactive a meal becomes, the more excited the kids are to eat it. In addition to the hustle and bustle of your everyday affairs, as a parent, you are tasked with all the family fun outings on the weekends. Going apple picking, taking a cooking class, or having a fun family bake-off using healthy ingredients are great ways to get your kids acquainted with healthier foods and provide entertainment for the day.

5. Grab a Mighty Yum™!

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Instead , throw a few packages of Mighty Yum™ in their backpacks. Giving them Mighty Yum™ is a choice that will make you feel like you’ve won the food battle. You’ll feel proud knowing you gave your kids a healthy plant-based choice. Get in on the plant-based fun for everyone with Mighty Yum™!

At the end of the day, you’re doing the best you can. It is what parents do. But it is time to work smarter, not harder. Planning healthy meals ahead of time not only saves you money, but does your family a huge favor. Starting healthy habits at a young age sets up your kids for a lifetime of health – and who wouldn’t want that? Next time you’re in a crunch for time and need to grab your kids something to eat, try one of these strategies.