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How to Choose Evening Dresses?

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Evening dresses are the most elegant thing in a woman’s wardrobe. It is not only the basis for outfits but can also tell a lot about a woman, her style, and the event she is going to. But among the many types of cuts, styles, and colors, it is important to find the perfect evening dress that makes you feel like a queen. Stylists can spend weeks developing an image for a celebration since this is not such an easy task.

Popular styles

Source: itsmilladress.com

There are many styles of elegant dresses. They depend on their cut. Designers from season to season create unique designs in different shapes and styles. Therefore, each girl will be able to choose her ideal style. The most popular of them are the following:

  • bodycon – a form-fitting style of evening dresses made of elastic fabric that highlights the curves of the body;
  • empire – cut with a high waistline located under the bust;
  • case – a tight-fitting model below the knees made of dense fabric with short or long sleeves, used for official meetings;
  • godet, mermaid – a style that fits the body to the knees, and flared from the knees;
  • A silhouette – dress model with a fluffy skirt;
  • cocktail – a product made of light, often bright fabric, of medium length, intended for parties and informal events.

How to choose a color?

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Evening gowns for women are available in many colors. But no matter how beautiful they are on the podium, on a hanger, or on a photo, they do not always go well. In order for the dress to be as harmoniously combined with the appearance as possible, when choosing a color, it is necessary to take into account your color type – skin tone, eye, and hair color. When choosing the wrong color, a woman may look pale.

Contrasting, dark shades are suitable for fair skin: dark blue, burgundy, and green. Dark skin goes well with a bright outfit. This trick can help to narrow your field of vision considerably when shopping and speed up the whole process considerably. During the fitting, you can take pictures, and after comparing them, choose the best option.

Classic colors – black, white, red, gold – look good on any woman. But the color of the dress is also selected based on the format, the dress code of the event, and the season. For example, it is not customary to wear black or white to a wedding. Floral prints are suitable as a spring-summer option, and in the autumn-winter season, deep colors should be chosen.

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