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What is The Perfec Age? We Asked, You Answered – | Designing a Life Well-Lived

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The age of life is a concept that has been debated for centuries. There are many different opinions on what the perfect age should be, and it seems to change with each generation. What’s your opinion?

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I asked our Instagram followers earlier this month what they thought their ideal age was. Before I asked them to vote on whether they were “too old” or “too young” for particular divisive subjects, I had them vote on whether they were “too old” or “too young.” Is it too late to ask for what you want in bed, or is it too early? Is that short skirt too young or too old for you?

What about a change of career? While a few questions were divided down the middle, our brief encounter confirmed what I had suspected: we have a strong need to establish boundaries for ourselves. And, more often than not, those limitations are influenced by what we’ve been exposed to, not by interior contemplation. And for the most part, we’ve been raised to think that young is good, old is terrible, and you should get everything done before time runs out.

I’m sorry to shatter your bubble, but there is no such thing as a perfect age. Just a positive outlook on life and a proclivity for living in the present. Here are a few of the responses we got from readers of various ages on why their current age is their idea of perfection.

“Today’s generation! You’ve never been smarter, and none of us has ever been guaranteed tomorrow.” @taispacerosa

“It doesn’t matter what age you are at the time. Because you don’t have any other option.” @notetosarah

“At whatever age you feel at ease in your own skin and in your truth (awareness age),” says the author. @Steph gilles

“24! Some responsibilities, but not too much, and no hangovers!” @mdphoties

“30 – since it is my current age. I’ve never felt more certain, competent, or at ease.” @kendallcoxpark

“You know where you’ve been, where you’re at, and where you’re going!!!!” says the 50-year-old. @abigapplemom

“When you stop caring what everyone else thinks of you.” @emily woodham

“I think I like my current age, in my early 40s. Confidence and a lack of concern about what others think!” @ nathalieclerc

“Until I was in my 30s, I felt my mid/late 20s were great. I believe you are at the ideal age right now.” — Tintinn85 (@tintinn85)

“Happiness! Every epoch in which this is essential.” @redwagonpizza

“32. It was just turned. In my twenties, I strike a balance between learning (work, relationship, life events) and having so much life ahead of me. I’m still in my early twenties. Every day, I live for my mother and sister, who were murdered in 2007. Life is brief, unjust, and so forth. You must continue to live. Accepting yourself for who you are is crucial.” @nicholas moen

“I’m not going back, so I’ll go with current!” It seems that becoming old is enjoyable.” @katieroz

“There isn’t a single one!!! Norms and averages exist, but they are nothing more than patterns and statistics!” @bbreehg

“You are of a certain age. Discrimination based on age occurs on both sides.” @nancybperales

“53. Because that’s who I am today, and I love it.” @lisamsiebert

“I’d like to believe that my finest age is always in the future, and that I’m getting closer to it every day.” @allisonjohansonart

“It doesn’t matter how old I am! I’m just here for the thrill.” @hgcstudio

“I’m in love with where I’m at right now. I’m a 28-year-old SAHM with two children. It seems like the right time for me to do what I’m doing!” @alysabalfour

“It’s 37, and it’s increasing by one every year. I’ve gone through hell and am grateful to just “be” each year.” @thehouseofjuly

“It doesn’t matter what age a person is on any particular day. Everything occurs just once. Accept it!” @carriescottevert

“All of those things are valid for people of all ages. Because, after all, we are human beings!” @htrevr

“I’ve always thought I’ll hit my stride in my forties!” (At the moment, he’s 26)” @thearwatt

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