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How To Maintain Healthy Nails: X Dos And Don’ts

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Have a look at your nails, are they the way you want them to be? If your nails are brittle and need extra care, you need to give them the care they need otherwise, they will become weak. However, apart from the brittle factor, there are other problems that people often face. Your nails might have discoloration problems or they might have dents in them.

Although all such problems make you worried about your nails, they appear from your health. If you have a healthy body, your nails will be stronger. But if you are compromising on your health, your nails will reflect that.

However, if you are taking great care of your health and your nails are just fine, you need a manicure. This is the best way to get perfect nails. So if you have a party to attend and you want your nails to look perfect in every aspect, you will need a manicure. And why not try something different?

Of course, you can get a regular manicure but what if there is something different available? Why not give it a try?

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The Do’s and Don’ts

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But even if you get a treatment, it will only work for a short time. You need to take care of your nails for them to stay healthy and look fine even without nail paint.

That is why we are providing you with some Do’s and Don’ts that you should try with your nails.

1. Do’s

  1. You need to moisturize your nails on a daily basis. Whether it is your skin, nails or face, moisture and hydration are crucial aspects. One of the reasons for brittle and weak nails is a lack of hydration. Therefore, when you use a moisturizer on your nails, you are giving enough hydration that will make your cuticles stronger. You can try using an oil or a hand cream for that. Both will work to prevent splitting and cracking and also chipping of your nails.
  2. Use Biotin. Vitamin B and its family are quite good for our health as well as our nails. Biotins are a member of Vitamin B and they are known to provide strength to our nails and make them thicker. Thus, stronger nails will prevent splitting, chipping, and breaking of your nails. However, you should consult your doctor first if you wish to take Biotin.
  3. Practicing good hygiene is an important thing for the body as well as the nails. When you are trimming your nails, you need to get a gentle curve. Otherwise, the rough edges will get stuck with things and your nail will get chipped. Furthermore, you should also use clean scissors and clippers. If your clippers are not clean, they will leave germs behind.
  4. Keep your fingernails dry and clean. If not, you will get bacterial growth, and leaving them like that for a long time will result in split nails.
  5. Use a protective layer (nail hardener) on your nails. Another thing that you should do is use a protective layer on top of your nails. Usually, nail hardener is used for strengthening the nails. So if you have brittle nails, you should use a nail hardener.

2. Don’ts

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  1. Biting your fingernails. It is a big No. you should not bite your fingernails. We often develop the habit of biting our fingernails or picking the cuticles. If you have got such a habit, you need to get rid of it. Because minor cuts will provide a space for bacterial growth. Thus, you will not only injure yourself but will also increase the risk of infections that will cause long-term damage to your nails.
  2. Pulling off your hangnails. Another habit that a lot of people have is pulling off their hangnails. Pulling your hangnails will leave you hurt. Therefore, you should simply clip them off.
  3. Using harsh products. Nail care is quite important but you should use products after careful consideration and selection. Because using harsh products will do more harm than good. Harsh products and chemicals will make your skin dry and rough.
  4. Limit your nail polish remover use. You should limit the use of nail polish remover. Most of them have acetone that dries your nails from the top. So if you use them excessively, you will lose your nails from the natural oils. That is why, firstly, you should use the remover that has an acetone-free formula. Secondly, you should limit its use. And even if you are using it, you should use a moisturizer after removing the nail paint and washing your hands.
  5. Ignoring your nail issues. If you encounter a nail issue, you should never ignore it. Ignoring your nail issues means that you are welcoming long-term issues. You can wait for a few days, if the problem goes away on its own, it’s fine. If not, you should immediately go and see a dermatologist. Because it can be a sign of another problem.
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To sum up

You should practice good hygiene and improve your eating habits. Eating healthy food will also make your nails strong and healthy. Furthermore, when you visit a nail salon, make sure to check their license. Because if they are working without a license, they are likely to use products that will harm their nails. Furthermore, their tools might not be sterilized properly which will welcome more problems and germs. And as a result of this, there will be a spread of infections.

So keep your nails clean and stay healthy.