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How Many Times Does the Average Woman Visit a Hair Salon?

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Beautiful and healthy hair is, for most people, one of the signs of beauty, and it is something that every person tries to achieve. In order to do that, we need to provide our hair with proper care at home, but it is also necessary to visit a hairdresser from time to time. On the other hand, there is a huge misconception about how often women actually go to the hairdresser, and it’s often overemphasized.

Of course, most of those myths originate from television, and it’s really time not to take seriously everything we see on the TV. All of that is also why we will focus more on that now, so let’s debunk this myth once and for all.

Men vs. women

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Although many people will be surprised by this fact, men visit a hairdresser more often than women. The reason for that is pretty simple, most men have short hair, so it needs to be cut often, and of course, most of them avoid doing it at home. Of course, there is also a fact that men also need shaving or have to trim their beards, which is yet another reason why they visit hairdressers more often. But, in general, when we just focus on the stats, in terms of who visits hair salons more often, it is a landslide victory for the men.

Besides that, most women decide to dye their hair at home and avoid spending money on it, and these more nimble ones can easily create amazing hairstyles without leaving their houses. On the other hand, visiting a hair color salon is a much more preferable choice, as what you want is an expert with vast experience as a hairstylist.


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One of the factors that can determine how often a woman will visit a hairdresser are celebrations she needs to attend, as many women love to have a perfect hairstyle that matches the complete outfit. As we have already mentioned, some of them are perfectly fine with making curls or something else at home, but others are more willing to spend some money on themselves and avoid unnecessary stress. Regarding that, it is simple – the more celebrations a year, the more visits to a hairdresser.

What’s the exact number?

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We have explained all the factors and reasons why women go to hair salons and also proved that even though women have more reasons to visit hairdressers more often, men are those who are actually in the lead. As for the exact number, it all depends on how often women want to change their hair color or how often they need a haircut for some special occasion.

Now, if we leave all these things aside for a moment, in general, women visit hair salons every six weeks for a standard trim and every ten weeks for color. When we add around two visits to the hair salons because of some special occasion, we come to the overall number of 16 visits per year. Of course, this is just a statistic, and the exact number can vary from one woman to another.