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Fat Grafting or Breast Implants – Which Is Better & Tips for Choosing

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For many women, having larger breasts is a dream come true, but they’re frightened they will look fake. Also, they are quite worried about the adverse effects of getting any treatment done. Previously, in order to increase the bust size and give it an upliftment, women had to resort to surgery.

Now, with advancement in technology, surgeons make use of the fat from the patient’s body to do this surgical procedure. This process is known as fat grafting.

Are you wondering whether you should go with the traditional old method or choose the new one? Well, this article will help you make an informed choice.

Why Choose Fat Grafting?

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This method makes use of the patient’s body fat to give their bust an upliftment. It is one of the most natural breast upliftment methods. Moreover, this process does not pose any risk of an allergic reaction because things from your own body will be used.  Breast Fat Grafting has numerous advantages.

The best part is that this method clubs liposuction with upliftment. Thus, you get two treatments at the price of one. However, it is a relatively new procedure and not many doctors are trained to do this.


  • It is the safest and most natural method of breast upliftment since it utilizes your own body fat. There are no side effects as well.
  • No scarring, thus there is no danger of your skin ripping out, which is often a matter of concern with other methods.
  • No maintenance needed


  • Fat injection includes the risk of stiffening the breasts as a side effect. In this way, this procedure may impact mammograms and that may result in breast cancer.
  • Some women may need more than one of these procedures to get a considerable decrease in their breast size.
  • It is more costly than the latter. As a result, it can be afforded only by the higher section of the society.
  • This process makes use of numerous drugs that may result in the formation of lumps in your breast. This may lead to cancer as well.
  • Indentations or anomalies at the site of the fat removal may emerge if your surgeon is untrained.
  • There is a possibility that a part of the breast’s adipose tissue will be removed. This can be quite fatal as these are the tissues responsible for the storage of fat in your body.

Why Choose Implants?

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They have been widely used for many years. They consistently increase the size of the patient’s bust in a predictable and trustworthy way. This method provides surgeons more control over the size of the breasts.

On the other hand, today’s breast implants are more natural-feeling and safer than ever before. Transplant surgery does not need further surgery elsewhere in the body, as is the case with fat grafting.

Additionally, the cost of breast augmentation with implants is significantly cheaper than the other method. Getting rid of injected fat is a lot more difficult than removing an implant.


  • Patients have complete control over the size of their new breasts
  • Implants made of silicone are now safer and more natural-feeling than at any time in history. Furthermore, unlike fat grafting, silicone implants do not need any further bodily surgery.
  • With implants, the cost of breast augmentation is far lower than that incurred through fat grafting.
  • It is easier to remove an implant than it is to remove fat after it has been injected.


  • They need to be changed as the patient ages.
  • Scarring might occur if your breast tissue is too thin to accommodate the implants.
  • An implant might become deformed or hardened if scar tissue accumulates around it.
  • In contrast to fat grafting, the placement of breast implants results in visible scarring.
  • Despite the fact that silicone and saline are both considered safe for the human body, they are not safe enough to replace your body fat.

Which Of The Two Processes Is More Natural-Looking And Comfortable?

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Before making a decision, there are a number of factors to take into account. Both these processes serve the same purpose. However, both of them use completely different procedures to make this happen.

Fat grafting makes use of your own body fat. Thus, you can rest assured there will be no adverse effects. Your body will be able to adapt to the new changes fast. Also, there will be no visible scarring.   However, it has its own share of disadvantages.

As mentioned above, the process makes use of drugs that may impact your body adversely. It can even be fatal under certain circumstances. Moreover, the procedure is quite expensive.

Many doctors prefer breast implants over the latter one because they are easier and less hazardous. They have been around for more than forty years, and doctors are well-versed in their advantages and disadvantages. There hasn’t been as much research on the latter procedure as there should have been since it’s a relatively new procedure. Knowing how and when fat is eliminated might help you prevent the creation of cysts, which can cause pain.

Many surgeons are especially concerned about the formation of cysts, skin problems and what might happen to grafts if you gain weight. Many physicians and patients agree that people and their bodies do not respond well to this procedure as they do to breast implants. Because of the coarser texture of fat grafts, they are not as smooth as saline or silicone implants.

There are also downsides to fat removal, even if it is a biological need. The removal of natural substances may induce necrosis and the creation of hard nodules as a result of fat grafting. This might also be a result of accumulated fat. Only thirty to fifty percent of fat is said to be left behind after the surgery, but it’s impossible to predict how this will affect the final results.

Final Word

Both the procedures have their own share of advantages and disadvantages. Read through them to make an informed choice.