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4 Reasons Why Procrastination Can Be a Good Thing – | Designing a Life Well-Lived

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Procrastination can be a good thing, as long as you’re not wasting time on things that don’t matter. Here are four reasons why procrastinating can be a good thing.

Procrastination can be a good thing, but it is important to know the positive effects of procrastination. Here are 4 reasons why procrastination can be a good thing.

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Procrastination has had a poor reputation for much of its existence. Uncommitted. Lazy. Disorganized. And, more often than not, the shoe fits.

But what if everything we’ve learned about procrastination isn’t always correct? That perhaps postponing a choice or project is a good thing? Our bodies are urging us to take a break via procrastination. To take it easy. To think about alternative possibilities.

Procrastination has a complex relationship with me. I’m a situational procrastinator, if you will. I’ll push through a to-do list of minor chores or projects like the Type-A perfectionist that I am.

Big initiatives or tough choices? Those that really matter? Things like company planning, big presentations, and material choices for a home renovation are all things that I nearly always put off until the last minute.

For years, I blamed it on the fact that I perform better under duress. And, in fact, I do. However, the more I accept my inner procrastinator, the more I see a few positive aspects of her. Also, it’s practical. Also, you’re being productive.

Procrastination’s Benefits

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Focus is bred through procrastination

Nothing drives my focus like being behind on a deadline as a recovering multitasker. If I have too much time on my hands, I will over-think, over-research, and over-Google to the point of becoming paralyzed. Leaving large projects to the last minute encourages me to give them my whole concentration and to be completely immersed in the work.

Procrastination increases productivity

Being pressed for time cuts through the clutter of a project like nothing else. Overly complex nice-to-haves are ruled out. For me, performing the unconscious mind work on a project long before I sit down to do the real job has shown to be more efficient with my time.

Things like preparing an article to write before I sit down to write help me make the most of the time I do have to write. Putting off till tomorrow what might be done today can assist you to avoid doing work that isn’t required.

Decision-making becomes more clear as a result of procrastination

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Delaying a decision may be advantageous in certain situations. It’s a good idea to give yourself time to examine a variety of alternatives, consult your intuition or trusted advisers, and feel comfortable with a decision.

When I put off making a choice or starting a project, it’s usually because I’m not clear on the goal or result I want. Allowing yourself some breathing space before making a choice may help you make it with more clarity and confidence.

Perfectionists cannot be procrastinators

Progress is thwarted by perfectionism. And being pressed for time is a certain way to ruin a good perfectionist behavior. Knowing that you won’t be able to produce your best work due to a lack of time lowers the standard and allows you to focus on getting the job done. And doing something a lot is preferable than doing something perfectly (and never started.)

So, there you have it. Procrastinators.

  • Let us rejoice in the little lessons that our habit has taught us.
  • Let’s investigate WHY we postpone activities and choices.
  • Let’s give ourselves some leeway when it comes to having everything done all of the time.
  • Let’s create progress, move ahead, and enjoy our accomplishments. On sometimes, even on time.

Procrastination can be a good thing, and there are 4 reasons why this is the case. These reasons include Designing a Life Well-Lived, How to Improve Your Mood, and The Benefits of Being Unproductive. Reference: is procrastination all bad.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why procrastination is a good thing?

In what ways can procrastination be positive?

Procrastination can be positive in the sense that it allows you to put off a task that is not enjoyable. It can also be positive because it makes you feel more accomplished when you finally complete the task at hand.

What are the four simple reasons for procrastination?

There are four main reasons for procrastination. The first is fear of failure, the second is lack of focus, the third is lack of motivation, and the fourth is a lack of time management skills.