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I Tried Chloe Ting’s 2-Week Shred – Here’s What I Thought | The Everygirl

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It’s time to get your butt in shape! I’ve been trying out the 2-week shred program with trainer Chloe Ting, and it’s been an amazing experience so far. Here’s what my body has looked like after just two weeks of exercise.

Chloe Ting is a fitness model and Instagram star who has been posting her 2-week shred for a while now. I decided to try it myself and here’s what happened.

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Here’s What I Thought About Chloe Ting’s 2-Week Shred

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When I first heard about it, I was on the terrace of my suburban house.

“Are you familiar with Chloe Ting? My 20-year-old sister told the friend she was FaceTiming, “You actually get abs in like a few weeks if you do her videos—crazy, it’s you should see the before-and-after photos.”

My ears pricked up at the prospect of abs in the time it takes to get into a fitness program on your own? I decided to look it up on the internet, and sure enough, there they were: dozens of before-and-after photos of women claiming to have a defined stomach in only two weeks. Wasn’t it just too wonderful to be true?

So here’s the deal: if there’s one thing I do consistently in my life, it’s exercise. I’ve just discovered that if I don’t, I’m in a totally different frame of mind than when I do, and it’s become my hour of the day that I dedicate to myself—and, at the risk of sounding absolutely obnoxious, I’ve grown to like it. After years of trial and error, I thought I had finally nailed my exercise routine—until COVID-19 arrived.

I’ve always made it a point to include some kind of jogging in my daily routine, but once all other forms of exercise were restricted to my 10×10 piece of vacant space in my one-bedroom apartment, all incentive was lost. I’ve never been able to get into online exercise videos; I much like the environment of a class or the gym, and although they clearly work in a pinch, I knew I needed to learn to make them my go-to for 2024. Ms. Ting would have her opportunity with me.

Free Workouts by Chloe Ting

I found Chloe Ting offers free exercise plans on her site that explicitly lay out which videos you should perform on each day of the week after searching her YouTube channel and felt instantly overwhelmed. There’s a get fit challenge, one for your abs and butt, and, of course, her renowned two-week shred, which I chose to start with.

The program consists of 14 days of 2-4 videos each day, with two of them always being the identical HIIT and ab workouts. The daily period varies from 25 to 50 minutes, and two of the 14 days are designated as rest days. It’s simple enough, and I decided to start on a gloomy Sunday.

The exercises pleasantly surprised me on the first day. They seemed exactly the right amount of difficult to me, but not so difficult that I felt physically exhausted afterward—just successful and like I had a decent exercise done. It’s half the fight if you like your exercises, and I was feeling great heading into the next two weeks.

As I previously said, I’ve never been a fan of home exercise DVDs, but I believe that what’s wonderful about this structure is that:

  1. Two weeks seems like a reasonable amount of time, and
  2. The fact that you have a certain regimen set out for you makes it seem more accessible.

It didn’t seem like a big job or something I had to accomplish; instead, it felt like a pleasant challenge to add to my otherwise dull and routine quarantine days.

What’s the catch? Life gets in the way no matter what you believe

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My experience wasn’t ideal, and if I’m being honest, I debated posting this since I felt like

I needed to have followed the 14-day plan to the letter for it to be really effective.

However, long work days and days when your dog eats an unknown item that makes him ill and necessitates a trip to the doctor during your exercise time do occur. Normally, I simply know I’ll work out the following day, but this program made me question whether I needed to start from the beginning.

Chloe Ting explicitly states on her website that you may add additional rest days or modify the plan to suit your life—which is exactly what I did, and I believe it makes my experience more realistic. I’ve been doing Chloe’s exercises for about six weeks now, to be honest. I used her two-week shred program for a solid-but-imperfect 2-3 weeks, and then started adding her other videos into my exercise regimen to complement a run, and I’ve enjoyed it. Is it true that I have a six-pack?

No. Do I resemble the before-and-after pictures she’s been tagged in? No. I still look the same as when I first began, but I’m more stronger, and I’ve been enjoying how effortlessly her videos fit into my daily routine at home. She published a challenge two weeks ago that included weights, which I’ve been enjoying and that feels difficult (in the nicest way) since I can keep increasing my weights each week.

People want a fast cure and to think that they can really change their bodies in a few weeks, which is why trendy exercise regimens exist

And, theoretically, I’m sure you can if you totally overhaul your whole lifestyle. Yes, you will probably notice more definition than you did 14 days before if you have never exercised before and start ab exercises for the first time and continue for two weeks. Why aren’t there any crazy before-and-after photos in this article? The before and after are identical—which is just great with me and exactly what I anticipated.

However, if you’re a regular exerciser who’s only trying out a new exercise for a few weeks, you’re unlikely to experience miraculous results—but that doesn’t mean they’re not worth trying. A free exercise program that strengthens you and offers you something to do while you’re alone? It’s hard to find fault with it.

I’m thankful for these videos since they’ve changed up my exercise routine and given me something new to try, and I’ll certainly stick with the program I began. These videos are definitely worth your time, whether you’re stuck in a workout rut and need inspiration or simply want to try something new—but don’t be sidetracked by high expectations.

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The chloe ting 2 week shred 2024 is a fitness challenge that promises to help you lose weight in just two weeks. I tried it out and here’s what I thought.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Chloe tings 2 week shred actually work?

Chloe Tings 2 Week Shred does not actually work. It is a scam and the product will not help you lose weight in any way.

How much weight do you lose with Chloe Ting 2 week shred?

I am not able to answer this question.