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How Facebook Marketplace Is Getting Me Through the Pandemic

The Facebook Marketplace is a new way to buy and sell used goods. It’s like Craigslist, but with more trust and less scammers. It has become a lifeline for women in the midst of the pandemic as they try to make ends meet.

Facebook Marketplace is getting me through the pandemic is an article about how Facebook Marketplace has been a great tool for people to get paid for their time.

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Years ago, at a garage sale down the street, I came upon a beautiful set of 1950s pink GE kitchen equipment. Those beauties are worth more to me than if I had spent $3,000 for them, despite the fact that I only paid $300 for them. Maybe it’s because I only spent $300 for them that they’re so valuable? Do you get what I’m saying?

To be honest, 90% of the things in my house have a similar tale. I’m surrounded by scavenged gems that were (almost always) dirt cheap and are (nearly always) one-of-a-kind and priceless. My heart swells as I hear them.

To put it another way, I spend a lot of time at garage sales, estate sales, and thrift shops. I used to, at least. Back when the world was, well, the world.

I’m surrounded by scavenged gems that were (almost always) dirt cheap and are (nearly always) one-of-a-kind and priceless. My heart swells as I hear them.

My treasure-hunting heart was feeling the pressure around April of this year, when we’d been cooped up at home for weeks with no end in sight. That’s when I found Facebook Marketplace’s power. This tiny corner of the Internet—and the beautiful individuals that frequent it—has become a cherished companion over the last seven months. 

Here are a few compelling reasons to give it a shot:

You’ll be able to find what you’re searching for. 

Being a thrifter is a hit-or-miss proposition. Yes, there was the time I went yard sale-ing in quest of a juicer and found one right away, but serendipity like that is uncommon. More often than not, I discover something I wasn’t looking for and wind up spending months hunting for what I really need. (Or, to be honest, want.) If you’re searching for a particular size of pants or a specific brand of antique ceramics, you’re far more likely to discover it on Facebook Marketplace.  

(Even the little details.)

I’m aware that you can also find what you’re looking for on Craigslist and eBay. However, in my experience, individuals on Facebook Marketplace are more inclined to post unusual items than on other sites. (Or is it simply that Marketplace’s format makes us more likely to notice them?) In any case, you’re more likely to see a well-worn flannel, a cutting of someone’s fiddle leaf fig, or a set of hedge trimmers on Marketplace. Things that aren’t worth the time and effort of listing and shipping on eBay. Things that would normally be donated to a thrift shop or stacked on a yard sale table Many of those items seem to make it onto Marketplace, where we purchasers can locate them with relative ease.

When I need a yard/household tool these days, the first place I go is Facebook Marketplace. I’ll go on and purchase it new if it’s not there (or if it’s too far away), but it’s worth a first visit.

Be a one-of-a-kind individual.

The wonderful nuggets of uniqueness you’ll stumble across now and then—an original painting, an antique sign, a wacky piece of furniture, a brilliantly maintained vintage dinette set, a hand-knit sweater—are even better than the ordinary stuff. Finding the things that are really you may help you stand out in a sea of sameness. And after you’ve located them, seize them.

The wonderful nuggets of uniqueness you’ll stumble across now and then—an original painting, an antique sign, a wacky piece of furniture, a brilliantly maintained vintage dinette set, a hand-knit sweater—are even better than the ordinary stuff. Finding the things that are really you may help you stand out in a sea of sameness.

Check out one of my all-time favorite Marketplace articles, which is full with pearls of creativity. I’m not sure who bought the table, but I hope they kept the seller’s epic sales presentation next to it.

Meet some nice people.

This is without a doubt one of the greatest features of Facebook Marketplace. It’s no exaggeration to say that Marketplace has become my Facebook safe haven. It’s the one area online where I’m guaranteed to run across individuals who are good, creative, and honest.

Even though I’ve been cooped up in my little home alone, Facebook Marketplace has given a feeling of community. It’s here that I find individuals to be trustworthy and friendly. For example, I use Venmo to prepay for many of my Marketplace purchases, and every item I’ve prepaid for has been ready for me when I arrive, typically on the front porch or neatly wrapped in a bag, and often accompanied by a smiling stranger in a mask.

Note: Obviously, I cannot guarantee the safety and integrity of everyone on Marketplace, so please use caution and common sense. I can only say that my experience has been completely good thus far. The fact that you can view each other’s Facebook accounts adds an extra layer of transparency, and you can generally track down a seller for follow-up inquiries or issues.

Make a formal appointment with yourself on your calendar. 

It’s been a joy to have some Facebook Marketplace events on my schedule in an age where everything gets canceled unless it’s on Zoom. Knowing that I need to be at a real human’s home at a real time for a real (socially distant) encounter is more energizing and gratifying than I had anticipated.

Discover new areas of your city. 

After deciding if the goods and price are appropriate, one important consideration in a Facebook Marketplace purchase is whether it is worth the drive, subway trip, or other mode of transportation. Some things are worth a 10-minute trip for me, while others are worth two hours or more. The majority of my purchases come within a 30-minute drive, and taking those trips has been a fun way to discover previously unknown nooks and corners in this place I call home. A trip across town or into the country is an event in and of itself when nothing else is planned. My dog enjoys accompanying me on these outings, and we often go into a different area of town for some walking exploration.

Purchase intriguing items with intriguing backstories.

If you’re fortunate, you’ll get to hear the story behind the thing you’re buying and make a pleasant connection with another person. This summer, while I was picking up a vintage typewriter from a distinguished-looking guy, I discovered that he’d bought it years ago to write his book. (He quickly learned how difficult it was to write a book on a typewriter and switched to a computer.) That day, I returned home with the typewriter and a complimentary copy of his book.

Take a look at how tiny the world is.

The majority of the individuals you contact with on Facebook Marketplace will be strangers, although you may discover that you have similar friends. I’ve run into a friend or neighbor on Marketplace many times. I was looking at a screen door I loved a few months ago when I discovered it was being sold by my close buddy’s brother, a Facebook friend of mine. He eventually insisted on giving me the door for free AND delivering it to save me the trip.

Help each other out.

We’re all dealing with the effects of the epidemic. Some people have a lot more than others. Giving money directly to a person rather than a business seems powerful and essential these days.

Are you ready to join Facebook Marketplace?

Here are a few pointers to help you get started:

  • Start browsing by clicking the “Shop” icon. You don’t have to do anything to join Marketplace or get started. It’s already accessible to you if you’re a Facebook user. Simply begin surfing and see what appears on your feed.
  • Even if you’re not ready to purchase, look for items you like. Because this is Facebook, Marketplace will pay attention to the kind of items you look for and interact with, and tailor your feed to your preferences. So, even if you’re not looking for a vintage Airstream camper right now, conduct a few searches and you’ll start seeing some gems in your feed. Browsing may eventually seem like thrift shopping, with chances to come upon items you didn’t realize you needed.
  • Use your imagination while looking for information. If you’re searching for a particular object, such as a coffee table, consider all the many ways someone might describe it and search them all—from super-specific (such “Heywood Wakefield MCM coffee table”) to very broad (“table,” or even “furniture”). I’ll sometimes look for misspellings (such as “tabel,” “Haywood Wakefield,” and so on). You’ll be shocked at what comes up.
  • Make a list of your favorites. Save anything you’re not sure about. When I’m in a particular section of town, I’ll check to see if any of my saves are nearby. Sometimes an item isn’t worth the journey on its own, but it’s worth picking up if I’ll be in the neighborhood.
  • Choose whether you want to buy locally or elsewhere. Facebook will display you things from both your local area and farther away by default. Before you buy anything, think about if it has to be delivered and how much that will cost you. If you’re looking for a big item, such as a kitchen table, you may use the search criteria to limit your results to just local items. These filters are placed at the top of the mobile app and along the side of the online browser. Other choices, such as pricing, style, size, and more, may be adjusted using the filters.
  • Set up a Venmo account. Although most vendors take cash, Venmo will give you a better chance of getting the goods you desire. Why? Because a vendor may refuse to hold an item for you until you pay for it. Venmo may help you close the sale and allow you time to get there when it’s convenient for you. This is particularly essential when you discover something you can’t live without, especially if it’s likely to sell quickly.

    A few notes: While some vendors take PayPal, I’ve discovered that Venmo is more often accepted. Facebook also accepts payment through other ways, such as PayPal, for goods that need delivery. If you’re buying anything outside of your immediate region, Venmo isn’t necessary.

  • Sellers should be considerate. “Is this still available?” is a good way to avoid wasting a seller’s time. Assume that an item is accessible if it is listed. Instead, ask queries such, “Could I pick this up tomorrow?” or “Could I pick this up tomorrow?” “Do you accept Venmo?” “Could you perhaps email me a measurement?” and so on. 
  • Look into it more. If you like anything, click the seller’s name to see if they have any other things you can add to your sale. 
  • Make smart decisions while negotiating. Keep track of how long an item has been on the market. If you promise to make a Venmo payment right away, the seller may be ready to lower the price if it’s been up for a long. If you’re interested in purchasing several items from the same vendor, you may inquire about a discount. On the other hand, if you see something you really want and think you’ll die if someone else gets it first, you may always pay more than the asking amount to increase your chances!
  • Recognize the value of a free thing. If an item is marked “FREE,” know that the seller is unlikely to hold it for you and is unlikely to answer inquiries regarding measurements, brand names, the item’s condition, or other information. Simply get their address, get on the road, and try to be the first to arrive. You could always pay the vendor to keep the item for you, but chasing a free item puts you at risk of it being stolen (or not useable) when you arrive.
  • Make some new pals. It helps to have friends or relatives in different areas of town who are willing to pick up a few things for you now and again. Even better, if you and your friends know each other’s styles, you may use the “Share” function to share Marketplace discoveries to one other. You’ll have double the pleasure and never miss a hidden gem.
  • As required, relist. You can always relist and (most likely) resell an item if you change your mind after you’ve brought it home. This method has allowed me to turn around numerous things in a day or two.
  • Sell your own surpluses, relics, and treasures. Selling as well as buying is one method I fund my thrifting hobby (and prevent overcrowding my home). You’ll be able to figure out how to publish on Facebook Marketplace if you can post on Facebook.

    A few pointers: Make sure you photograph your goods numerous times. Measurements should be included. To determine a pricing range, look at the listings for comparable products. Write a positive, detailed description. Include any search terms that users may use.

    The better your photography, lighting, and angles are, the better your outcomes will be. The more you know about what you’re selling, particularly if it’s antique, the more strategic your price may be.

    And here’s a pet gripe of mine: If you’re selling shoes or boots, don’t forget to mention the size. (How come so many people overlook this?)

It’s now your turn.

What are your thoughts? What are your thoughts on Facebook Marketplace? Do you have any other suggestions? Please let me know in the comments section below! And who knows, maybe we’ll run into one other in the Marketplace someday. Have fun thrifting!

Facebook Marketplace is a new feature that allows users to buy and sell items with other Facebook members. It’s an easy way to make money during the pandemic, but it has some drawbacks. Reference: how to buy on facebook marketplace.

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Facebook marketplace is a safe website.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Are there any protections on Facebook marketplace?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
There are no protections on Facebook Marketplace, so be careful when buying and selling items.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”How do you get the marketplace back on Facebook after being banned?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
There is no way to get the marketplace back on Facebook after it has been banned.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Facebook marketplace Safe 2024?

Facebook marketplace is a safe website.

Are there any protections on Facebook marketplace?

There are no protections on Facebook Marketplace, so be careful when buying and selling items.

How do you get the marketplace back on Facebook after being banned?

There is no way to get the marketplace back on Facebook after it has been banned.

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