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The 7 Etsy Shops I Love Most – | Designing a Life Well-Lived

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When the Etsy website first launched in 2005, it was an online marketplace for handmade goods. Today, Etsy is a global community of craftspeople and sellers who have collectively created over one million shops. The site has become a popular way to sell your own handcrafted items or find unique gifts for friends and family.

The wit and delight is a blog that shares the 7 Etsy Shops I Love Most. It is written by a woman who loves to design her life well-lived.

The-7-Etsy-Shops-I-Love-Most-DesigningChelsey Werth took the photo.

There are many things I miss these days, but visiting flea markets, thrift shops, and antique stores has to be the one that brings the greatest joy to my heart. Nothing can really match the excitement of the chase, but due to Etsy, I’m discovering new methods to satisfy my appetite.

I use the app on a regular basis to save items from stores in the United States and overseas, and I’ve discovered that if I know what to look for, I can uncover hidden gems via more smart searches. It won’t be able to replace all I like about searching for gems in person, but it’ll do for now.

Here are seven of my favorite Etsy stores to peruse for home décor, clothes, and other items!

If you’re searching for methods to support local secondhand stores, bear in mind that many of them are now selling things on Instagram and Facebook. Hunt & Gather, Tandem Vintage, carousel + folk, and SouthSide Vintage are a some of my favorite local vintage stores.

Brass House Shop is a store that sells brass

The-7-Etsy-Shops-I-Love-Most-DesigningBrass House Shop on Etsy has a Mid-Century Modern Sideboard Credenza.

This store offers a wonderful selection of mid-century modern furniture as well as one-of-a-kind décor items. Here you’ll discover some really stunning standout items.

Vintage Persephone

1631457962_651_The-7-Etsy-Shops-I-Love-Most-DesigningPersephone Vintage on Etsy sent this photo of an oversized wool check blazer.

This is the best vintage clothes store for ladies. I like the owner’s sense of style when it comes to each item. The store is meticulously selected and often updated with new merchandise.

Manon and Rose are a couple.

1631457963_46_The-7-Etsy-Shops-I-Love-Most-DesigningVintage French Dessert Bowls | Photo courtesy of Manon and Rose on Etsy

While sitting on the couch in your sweatpants at Versailles, you may explore exquisite vintage antiques from France. And, because most of us won’t be traveling for a long, now is an excellent time to pay for shipping instead of buying anything and supporting this little company!

Jan’s Vintage Collectibles

1631457964_165_The-7-Etsy-Shops-I-Love-Most-DesigningOlive Jug, 19th Century Pottery | Photo courtesy of Jan’s Vintage Stuff on Etsy

This is the place to go if you’re searching for damaged items with a backstory. For months, I’ve had my eye on this olive jar. It’s time for me to pull the trigger!

White Elephant Co. is a company that produces white elephants

1631457964_690_The-7-Etsy-Shops-I-Love-Most-DesigningVintage Swirled Brass Pots | Photo courtesy of Etsy seller White Elephant Co.

This shop contains all of the oddities that you miss while you’re lost in a vintage store. The items have a lot of individuality, and there’s a lot of inventory to look over.

Home in Denmark

1631457965_770_The-7-Etsy-Shops-I-Love-Most-DesigningVintage Wall Lamp | Photo courtesy of Etsy seller Danish Home

This store offers a fantastic collection of Danish antiques from brands such as Le Klint, Royal Copenhagen, Jo Hammerborg, Stig Lindberg, and others.

Kilim from the past

1631457966_472_The-7-Etsy-Shops-I-Love-Most-DesigningDistressed Turkish Oushak Rug with Low Pile | Photo courtesy of Vintage Kilim on Etsy

Directly from the source, shop a large selection of Turkish carpets. They respond quickly to direct messages and are ready to negotiate on pricing!

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