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6 Creative Hobbies for Bored Moms

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As a mom, giving attention to yourself becomes secondary once the caretaking of the child takes over. There is always a lot going on with the child which becomes a reason for moms to not take up hobbies. Doing something they love becomes difficult as time flows. However, mums need to realize that personal fulfillment is just as important as taking good care of the child.

There are many things that can be done just for yourself as an adult that do not center around your child. You are not a bad mother to prioritize some time to cultivate a creative hobby. In this article, we will be mentioning some of the easiest hobbies to help you explore a new side.


We are mentioning journaling as the first activity one can do because it is by far the most creative. Journaling is also something that you can tie with daily life and write about your experiences. It would require some reinforcements like stationery and a blank diary.

You can also choose to make a file by taking random blank papers and unleashing your crafty side. Very soothing hobby because it allows for a medium of self-expression. One can easily switch between different colors and themes based on their mood. Therefore, it will be a good outlet especially if you cannot show your frustration in front of your child.


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There is something soothing about just using colors to create something. Painting is a hobby which works quite like journaling in providing an outlet for self expression. One should not worry if they do not know how to paint or have no idea about the subject. One can even begin with random scribbles and doodles just to get a hang of holding a brush in your hand.

Once you feel comfortable, you can use any inspiration to create something unique. An important thing to understand here is that the experience should be enjoyable. So, you should not hold yourself up to an expectation to create something like a trained artist. Custom paint by numbers kits are perfect for beginners who feel under confident in their creative abilities.


Reading is highly underrated especially if you think you have a business schedule. Even if it begins with 5 pages, it will grant extreme emotional fulfillment. As a mother, reading story books and watching TV shows with cartoons does not leave enough time to keep in touch with the adult world.

Reading alone works wonders because it would fulfill two purposes. You will get some alone time and will be able to go at your own pace while exploring this new hobby. On the other hand, if you are craving some social interaction then joining a book club is extremely recommended. A book club is perfect for finding people with similar interests. If you are a reader then trusting the judgment of other readers who have a similar test as yours will probably lead to gaining a few friends.

It will also give you some motivation to continue on with this activity and actually finish the book that you have started. For new moms this activity will be perfect to establish a schedule where some time is set aside just for oneself. Joining a book club will be far more creative than reading by yourself because you will get a chance of putting forth your own ideas about the book.


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If one wants some organization with their routine, baking can come in handy. Baking is an activity which requires precise measurements in order to create something which will be edible. Many moms are tired of the chaos that comes with kids so choosing baking is the perfect way to go and opt for a pattern to follow.

One can start small and then we want to do big things. However, there is no right way to approach baking. Since one is doing it primarily for creativity and a new experience, baking both a cookie and a cake are equally exciting. Baking is also closely tied to cake decorating which is an activity in its own right.

One can take an online class about it or just watch a tutorial on the internet. Essentially the product which comes out of baking will allow one to be created with how they approach gastronomy in the future.


We cannot leave pottery out while mentioning some of the most creative activities. It literally will require complete concentration as well as creativity to bring something into existence out of nothing. If one wants to just take some time off and focus on something entirely different then pottery will work wonders.

It can also be considered a social activity because moms would get a chance to socialize with people of their own age group. This opportunity is often taken away so taking a pottery class is the perfect way to get back to adult life.

Learning a Language

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We are mentioning learning a new language as a valid creative hobby because of the following reasons. It will give an outlet for a mom to express themselves in a completely new language. If she likes to write it will be perfect for her to explore a new medium. It will also open horizons for future activities like joining social groups or traveling to the place where the language is from. It will also engage once brain in something strictly academic and fun.

The Takeaway

As a bored mom, your mental health rides on finding a creative outlet which is personal. Taking up a new hobby is perfect for anyone who wants to explore themselves anew. Activities like pottery and painting are perfect for rising creativity. On the other hand, reading and baking are somewhat of a hobby which would ground you. Learning a language is also something which provides a strict schedule and order amidst the chaos that children often bring. Whatever activity one chooses, just make sure to have fun!