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8 Ways to Brighten Someone’s Day in a Pandemic |

The pandemic is a global health crisis that affects millions of people around the world. How can you help someone in need?

The how to brighten someone’s day over text is a blog post that discusses 8 ways to brighten someone’s day in a pandemic.

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Let’s face it: this winter is going to be a long one. We’re likely to be trapped inside with our close relatives for a few more months because to COVID-19 limitations and weather problems. It will undoubtedly be difficult, which means that prioritizing connection with the people we care about is more essential than ever. How can you show your folks that you care when you can’t meet for brunch or happy hour, and gathering outdoors isn’t an option due to the cold?

We’ve found methods to stay in contact throughout the epidemic, whether it’s via Zoom conversations (though the burnout is real), socially isolated backyard hangouts, pods of friends or family members, and more. Despite our best efforts, loneliness and isolation still sneak in, and winter tends to bring out the blues.

Here are a few simple ways to brighten someone’s day during this once-in-a-lifetime event: a worldwide epidemic.

Handwrite a message to the person you’re sending it to.

Remember how thrilled you were as a child when you got a letter? It’s still wonderful to receive genuine mail—not bills or junk—so remember your younger self and send them a pen pal-style letter when you’re thinking about them. Sending letters to seniors in assisted living or nursing homes is another great and touching alternative; you never know when you’ll meet a new friend! When you send person a letter, it is also not bad solution to send them some interesting gift. Since this pandemic is crating anxiety for a lot of people gifts such as fidget ring are great example of presents you should consider.

Just because, give a present.

I sent a link to some warm socks to a few pals a few weeks ago and urged them to choose a color since it was pick-me-up time. The present wasn’t extravagant or revolutionary; it was just a reminder that I was thinking about them. Make a care box with items you know they’ll enjoy, like brightly colored earrings, a book you couldn’t put down and want to discuss, or gift cards to their favorite local shops, if your friend is having a hard time coping with, well, everything going on this year.

Make a playlist of your favorite songs.

Do you miss your best friend or your nieces and nephews? Make a playlist of music you like listening to together, whether it’s ’00s throwbacks from your college days or tunes from your favorite childhood films. If you’re using Spotify, make the playlist communal and collaborate on it from afar. It’s a wonderful approach to reminisce about your happy moments together. Listen anytime you’re in need of a boost.

Leave a pleasant surprise for them on their doorstep.

Surprises are so much fun, and nothing improves a bad day like finding a gift card to your favorite local coffee shop or your favorite Sunday morning pastries in your inbox. Have you just relocated to a new location? Ask your neighbor if they’d like a socially distant cup of coffee from your respective yards by leaving a card on their doorstep. Bring a pack of diapers and a cooked dinner to a friend who just delivered a baby. Make a kid or teen’s day with balloons and a cheery present if you know one who is suffering with distance study and loneliness. You can still be present for them even though you’re far away.

Bring a pack of diapers and a cooked dinner to a friend who just delivered a baby. Make a kid or teen’s day with balloons and a cheery present if you know one who is suffering with distance study and loneliness. You can still be present for them even though you’re far away.

Pick up the phone and call.

I know, I know—everyone these days despises the phone. But, guess what? Even if it’s just for a few minutes, conversing with another person is enjoyable! Perhaps your grandparents are confined to their house with little visits. Perhaps you’ve been reminiscing about your childhood best friend. Perhaps you’re looking for your aunt’s treasured hot dish recipe. You already know what I’m going to say: pick up the phone and dial their number. Have a discussion! Inquire as to why your grandfather fell in love with your grandmother. Take a trip down memory lane with a cousin. Talk to your father about the backyard birds. Hearing a loved one’s voice may be so soothing when life seems lonely and frightening, you may find yourself making phone calls a habit.

Purchase flowers…or a plant.

Something green and growing is a visual reminder of optimism, growth, and beauty, and it makes everything better. Send a bouquet to a distant friend or family member, or create an arrangement for a local acquaintance using grocery store finds.

Support a small company in your neighborhood.

You’ve probably seen the meme that says, “When you purchase from a local company, a real person performs a happy dance?” Yes, it is correct! Supporting local restaurants, hairdressers, and shops is something you should do all year, but it’s especially important now, since many companies have had to adjust to pandemic regulations, such as shutting indoor eating or altering hours. These people are vital to our communities; no one wants to live in a world where Target and Amazon are the only shopping choices!

Purchase a gift card to be used later. Follow them on Instagram and share their content with your friends. Tell your colleagues and friends about them. If you’re comfortable doing so, come in and shop, or choose curbside pickup. Drop by with lunch or a doughnut if you’re friends with the owner or staff! Give your baristas a generous tip. They’ll appreciate anything you do, and every dollar matters.

Simply check in.

It may seem little, but just sending a text—or even a Facebook message or Instagram DM—to check in may make a huge difference. We all like hearing when someone is thinking of us, and you don’t have to have a long conversation to do so. “Hello!” says the narrator. I was just thinking about you and hoping everything is okay with you. Please let me know if you’d want to FaceTime or talk soon, and I can’t wait to see you when it’s safe to do so!” tells them that there’s someone on the other side of the screen who cares and is looking forward to seeing them soon.

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