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10 Places to Shop for Budget-Friendly and Mid-Range Furniture – | Designing a Life Well-Lived

For many, the search for furnishings is an arduous one. The market has grown exponentially in recent years, and it can be difficult to find affordable furniture that still looks good. Luckily, there are plenty of places to shop for budget-friendly and mid-range furniture online.

The ikea is a furniture company that has been around for decades. They offer budget-friendly and mid-range furniture for the home.

10-Places-to-Shop-for-Budget-Friendly-and-Mid-Range-FurniturePhoto courtesy of Akron Street is a city in Ohio. on Instagram (@akronstreet).

Creating a beautiful house does not always need a large expense. One thing I’ve learned through the years of decorating the many houses I’ve lived in is that the constraints of a limited budget can often produce the most interesting and attractive outcomes. I still have a few items from Craigslist and the IKEA scratch and dent area, and they’ve grown in value over time.

Going slowly while designing a new place is one of my top pieces of advise, whether you’re a recent college student on a tight budget or someone who enjoys finding amazing deals. The most fascinating homes I’ve seen are those where someone has obviously taken the effort to fill their rooms with items they love, selected from various places and periods in their life. Try not to hurry the process; instead, look for things that appeal to you as you go, and keep in mind that many of the greatest finds are frequently discovered secondhand (more on that later!).

Today, I’m going to share some of my favorite sites to get well-designed furniture at reasonable rates. You may discover the items that establish the tone for a place that is completely unique to you with a little research and patience.

Akron Street

1631457906_244_10-Places-to-Shop-for-Budget-Friendly-and-Mid-Range-FurniturePhoto courtesy of Akron Street

Low Ko Table


Akron Street is a New York-based company that sells wooden furniture that is simple, classic, and well-designed. The prices vary from $95 to a little more than $1,000. I really like their Ko Low Table ($150) and Elo Side Table ($150), both of which would look great in a living room or bedroom.


1631457908_33_10-Places-to-Shop-for-Budget-Friendly-and-Mid-Range-FurnitureIKEA provided this image.

GJRA Bed Frame GJRA Bed Frame GJRA Bed Frame GJRA Bed

Queen Size $429 (on sale now for $369)

IKEA continues to be a go-to destination for budget-friendly furnishings (and for good reason). When I need simple items to fill in the spaces in my house, I continue to go to IKEA. The BILLY Bookcase ($398) and the GLADOM Tray Table ($20) are two IKEA items that I own and like.

Crafted Glory Design on Etsy

1631457908_581_10-Places-to-Shop-for-Budget-Friendly-and-Mid-Range-FurnitureImage courtesy of Crafted Glory Design on Etsy.

Bench with a Walnut Waterfall


When I’m searching for one-of-a-kind things, whether handmade or antique, I always go to Etsy. This store sells handcrafted wooden furniture such as the bench shown above, as well as cubby end tables ($500 for a pair) and other items.


1631457909_950_10-Places-to-Shop-for-Budget-Friendly-and-Mid-Range-FurnitureCB2 provided the image.

Frame for a Boho Daybed


CB2 is one of my favorite sites to shop for well-made and attractive furniture and home décor. When you’re looking for something a little different in your living room, the Boho Daybed is a great choice. Another contemporary, adaptable item is their Alba Credenza ($599), which would look well in a living room, dining area, or bedroom.


1631457910_699_10-Places-to-Shop-for-Budget-Friendly-and-Mid-Range-Furniturecourtesy of HAY

Coffee Table Tulou


HAY is a great location to search for furniture and décor products. It is a Danish business whose aim is to produce high-quality pieces at more accessible pricing ranges. The Tulou Coffee Table ($295), the Matin Table Lamp in lavender ($225, now on sale for $191), and the J 41 Chair ($295) are three items I like.

Thrift Shops, Vintage Shops, and Antique Shops

1631457910_208_10-Places-to-Shop-for-Budget-Friendly-and-Mid-Range-FurnitureSouthSide Vintage provided this image.

I’ve often spoken about how much I like exploring thrift, vintage, and antique shops for one-of-a-kind finds. When it comes to buying on a budget, these may be some of the finest options (especially thrift stores). SouthSide Vintage, carousel + folk, Goodwill, Savers, and the Salvation Army are a few of my favorite secondhand stores in the Twin Cities.


1631457911_228_10-Places-to-Shop-for-Budget-Friendly-and-Mid-Range-FurniturePhoto courtesy of Jungalow

Velvet Ottoman Avo


Jungalow, an online décor store founded by Justina Blakeney, one of my favorite interior designers, has stunning, colorful decor and furnishings. This Avo Velvet Ottoman (shown above) and this Zuri Camel Stool ($149) would be lovely additions to any living room.


1631457912_158_10-Places-to-Shop-for-Budget-Friendly-and-Mid-Range-FurnitureImage courtesy of Article

Sofa Mirage


Article’s contemporary but timeless design has always been a favorite of mine, from dining room items to couches and seats. They also provide a large selection of items that are both cheap and high-quality. The Mirage Sofa ($999) is a beautiful addition to any house, and the Leiden Stool ($129) may be used as a side table or additional seating. (If you use this link to buy at Article, you’ll get $50 off your first order of $200 or more.)

Weather on the Inside

1631457913_282_10-Places-to-Shop-for-Budget-Friendly-and-Mid-Range-FurnitureImage courtesy of Inside Weather

Round Coffee Table in Latte

Prices start at $148.

Inside Weather offers bespoke items in contemporary designs that are made-to-order in California. The Latte Round Coffee Table ($598) is a timeless item that can be personalized in a variety of colors and materials, and the Latte Ace Lounge Chair ($598) is a lovely addition to any house.

West Elm

1631457914_914_10-Places-to-Shop-for-Budget-Friendly-and-Mid-Range-FurniturePhoto courtesy of West Elm

Bed Frame with a Simple Design

Queen Size $399

West Elm is a wonderful place to go if you’re searching for affordable mid-range contemporary furniture and décor choices for every area in the house. This Simple Bed Frame is a long-lasting, low-cost choice that’s ideal for starting from scratch when designing a bedroom. The Finn Sofa (beginning at $899) is another favorite of mine—a it’s charming mid-century item that’s ideal for smaller rooms.

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The furniture stores are a great place to shop for furniture. There are many shops that offer budget-friendly and mid-range furniture, which is perfect for people who want to buy but don’t have the money to spend on expensive pieces.

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