Why Pampering is Always the Solution

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Stress is more common than you might imagine. If you’re like most people, you experience anxious moments every day. Waiting in a long line on your lunch hour with 15 minutes to go and you have a 10-minute walk back to the office. Or perhaps you’re staring at a pile of bills with a final notice stamped on top. These are just a few example of stressful moments that can linger and take a toll on your health and wellness. Think of your routine (chronic) stress as a dripping faucet. It appears harmless, but over time, it eventually causes serious damage. There are ways to release yourself from the days or months events and live. Take on a new hobby, explore new places or even pamper yourself with some spa treatments, like Juvederm treatments; put your mind and body into a relaxed state, improve your appearance and just feel good.

There are three different types of stress. The first and most common is routine stress, also referred to as chronic stress. This can happen to you every day. It can come from a board meeting, an incredibly busy day at the office, past due bills, a child who’s past their curfew or sitting in traffic. Sudden change stress is a situation that comes on without you getting a heads up. The sudden change sends you into immediate anxiety mode. It can come from losing your job, going through a divorce or a serious illness. And lastly, there’s traumatic stress. This stems from a major accident, serving in the military or a natural disaster.

Traumatic and sudden change stress can have lasting visible effects on the body and often require some type of outside help from either a professional or loved ones. The most dangerous of the three is the routine or chronic stress. This is because the body often stays in the defensive mode, on high alert. Since there is no sudden trigger, it constantly remains in that mode without you realizing. It can send soft, subtle messages to your brain and body in the early stages such as short bouts of sleeplessness, depression, headaches, anger or irritability. Depending on your personality you could develop a few or all of the symptoms.

The “ticking time bomb” is a name given to stress for good reason. Eventually, your body will give in from exhaustion and breakdown. It could be in the form of a stroke, heart attack, heart disease, high blood pressure or coronary artery disease. If you are a type “A” personality and demand perfection as well as have trouble saying no to extra work, you are naturally at a higher risk.

There are ways to prevent the effects of stress from getting to a dangerous level. First, visit your doctor annually and discuss any changes in your life. You may feel embarrassed at first, but by disclosing changes in your sleep pattern, work environment or personal life you just might preserve your own life. In addition to your yearly checkup, taking time for yourself is most beneficial. A walk on the beach, a day at the spa, taking up a new hobby or just doing something you enjoy can help you release your daily stress for a healthier life.

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