Tips for Finding the Right Shoes

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It’s hard to think about fall when we’re smack in the middle of summer’s heat wave. Still, pretty soon the weather is going to cool off and that means that all of those fall fashions we love will be coming back. Plaids and light jackets and sweaters and boots….well, maybe not so much the boots.

When you’re looking at it, fall footwear is beautiful. Boots and heels and flats that flatter the rest of your outfit as well as the shape of your legs. When you’re wearing it or trying to find it, though, fall footwear can be a hassle. It’s enough to make you want to move to a tropical climate so you can wear flip flops all year round and simply not worry about finding fashionable and comfortable coverings for your feet.

Here are some tips to help make the fall footwear search a bit more palatable.

God Bless the Internet

Buying shoes online these days is easier than it has ever been. Wherever you sit on the foot size spectrum you can undoubtedly find something that fits. Unlike shopping in a store, you can custom fit your search parameters for your feet and look only at what is available. You won’t have to walk by rack after rack of beautiful shoes that won’t fit. Online shopping is especially helpful for people who need shoes in “odd” sizes (like for people whose feet are too small for most adult shoes or for people who need plus size shoes).

Make sure, when you’re shopping online for shoes that you only buy from retailers with good return policies. That way you can try the shoes on at home and simply send them back for a refund if they don’t work.

Shoe Repair Professionals

Before you drop a bunch of dough on new flats, heels or boots for fall, why not look at what you’ve already got? Chances are what you wore last season is still wearable. Even if the shoes you have are a little bit worn, you can take them into a shoe repair shop and get them fixed up to feel like new. Some repair shops will even help you customize the shoes for the new season—dyeing them new colors, restructuring a heel or sole, etc.

Stop Being Scared of the Sales People

If you have feet that are “oddly” sized (too small, extra wide, big, etc), you probably do most of your shoe shopping in stores like Famous Footwear, PayLess Shoes, Target—places where you can try on shoes at leisure without the help of a clerk. Stop fearing the clerk! The sales people who work in shoe shops have worked with feet of all sizes and even if that specific shop doesn’t have what you need, the clerk might know where to send you. Sales clerks are also pros when it comes to sizing feet. Having a professional help you figure out what size your feet actually are can help you save lots of time and money in shoe shops.

These are just three of the things you can do to help yourself outfit your feet for fall. Do you have feet with special needs? What are some of the things you’ve done to find the shoes you want?

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