The Dangers of Keratin Hair Treatments

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 Keratin hair treatment has achieved enormous popularity and success by providing smooth, shiny and straight hair.  


Often known for its use in Brazilian hair treatments, keratin products and treatments have gained world recognition as an excellent option for women who are desperate for a way to have straight, manageable hair that does not require daily styling. 


Unfortunately, every gift comes with some drawbacks and there are some downsides to using keratin hair treatments.  Prior to investing in a treatment, it is important to learn keratin hair treatment dangers.


Things to Research


When learning about potential Keratin hair treatment dangers there are certain risks that you should focus on.  These things are:


  • Chemical Content
  • Physical Risks
  • Damage to Hair


Each of these factors should be taken into account when deciding if your hair will benefit from a keratin hair treatment.


Chemical Content


Although keratin hair treatment is designed to increase the amount of keratin, an important protein, to the hair; a few of the Keratin hair treatment products contains an ingredient called formaldehyde, a carcinogenic substance.  Formaldehyde is added to the product to make it easier for the keratin to bond to the hair follicles.  Before purchasing any product, find out what the Formaldehyde percentage is.


Physical Risks


Formaldehyde has several side effects that can damage the lungs, skin, nose, and eyes.  Some studies have even associated certain types of cancer to exposure to large levels of formaldehyde. Though keratin hair treatment products contain formaldehyde, they do not contain amounts that would hurt a person on contact, it is possible for fumes created by heat can irritate the lungs especially if you have asthma.   Also, fumes can dry out skin by removing the excess oil.



Damage to Hair


There are some keratin hair treatment processes that can weaken the roots of hair over time.  Often the damage is noticeable after four or five months when breakage and hair loss become noticeable.  The best way to avoid damage to hair when using Keratin hair treatments is to only use a product that has received positive reviews after long-term usage. 


Keratin hair treatment has the potential to moisturize your hair and improve the health of the hair follicles.  However, it is possible to damage your hair by using a keratin product improperly, or using a product that has little or no positive reviews.  Discuss your treatment options with your hair stylist, and monitor your hair’s health overtime to protect your hair from any potential keratin hair treatment dangers.

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