The 4 Physical & Psychological Benefits of Gardening

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Gathering the fruits of the Earth and planting gardens for beauty and harvest has been a part of the human habit since the beginning of our existence on Earth. Did you know that there are both physical and psychological benefits to gardening?

Here we will discuss how gardening can strengthen the body, clear the mind and elevate the spirit.

1. Strengthening and Stretching the Body To tend to a garden effectively, it takes more effort than treating yourself to some new gardening gadgets: one must get outside and move. While gardening is not necessarily an aerobic activity, substantial strengthening of the legs and gluteal muscles occurs when in the crouched position necessary to till the earth and coax seeds to sprouting. The opening of the hip muscles and joints leads to greater flexibility and fluidity of movement throughout the whole body up into the shoulders and back because all movement first begins in the hips.

2. Increased Vitamin D and Endorphins The best remedies for vitamin D deficiencies and depressed mood is getting outside into the sunlight and fresh air. Spending extended amounts of time outdoors creates chi flow that invigorates the whole body. It is best to remember that it is not the sun that is dangerous, as the media today often tries to convince people. It is actually the depletion of the ozone layer and the lack of natural ozone protection that is harmful. Instead of avoiding the sun, if you are fair skinned or burn easily, wear a hat and long sleeves and google a recipe to make your own organic, natural sunblock out of aloe vera and other natural ingredients.

3. Get Back to Nature Whether you are religious or not, spending time connected to nature helps us remember where we come from, where our food comes from and our gratitude for life and all its gifts. Spending time gardening is grounding and has been scientifically proven to ,a href=””>lower blood pressure and reduce hypertension.

4. Engaging the Mind Through Forward Planning If you are a retired individual or an empty nester, keeping a garden will give you a new kind of daily structure and something to tend to every day because it requires regular daily watering and weekly or seasonal modifications such as covering for warmth if the night time temperatures plummet. Studying the precise growing requirements for each individual plant and the healing properties of many vegetables and herbs opens a whole new hobby or even career path for your intellect. Consider gardening to sooth and invigorate yourself physically and psychologically. Urban gardening as become popular even for those in flats with balconies.


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