Signs That Your Kid Is Not A Baby

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As a parent, it’s so hard to accept that our kids are growing up. It’s as if, we don’t want to take our sights out of them. Most of us are blinded by what we want to see. Hence, we don’t usually realize the changes that are happening to our kids. But it’s about time to change your act. Stop forcing your kids to kiss you in front of his friends. Or, stop putting his name on his briefs. I’m here to help you how to determine if your child wants a little freedom.

They stopped wearing the suspenders and jumpers. For years, they look cute with the animal printed clothes and shoes. But now, it seems that they are keeping it in their closets for good. That’s a sign that they have their own tastes and preferences. I know that this is not easy to accept. But you have to. You see, if you will not allow them to show their personalities with what they wear, they might show it with other things (vices included).

They become more timid. Most kids are very active. But as they grow up, they become more cautious. If before you can ask them to dance in front of your friends, now, they will just stay in their rooms and listen to the latest tunes. You shouldn’t be mad if they don’t want to show off. It’s just that, they are very careful not to embarrass themselves. It’s actually a normal thing for teens.

They are interested to know the opposite gender. For most parents, this can be alarming. But I’m telling you that this is something normal. It’s fine if they will open such topics. If you will not allow them to do so, they might be sharing to the wrong people. At least if you they can open these things to you, you can give them proper advices.

They are creating plans with their friends. Just make sure that they are with the right set of friends. It’s OK if you allow them to have a get – away – plan with friends. However, you have to get all the necessary information before they leave. Get the mobile phone numbers of his friends and talk to their parents. Don’t get too paranoid if he comes home late. That should be normal given the fact that this is his first night out. This way, you are showing him that you respect his decisions. In return, he will not do anything bad.

I’m not saying that this is going to be easy. But if you know the signs, you can act accordingly. After all, you wouldn’t want your kids to be the laughing stock of the town because you are such a stage mom, would you?


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