Quontom Dresses Hitting Mainstream Fashion In 2012

Quontom Dresses
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Quontum dresses are becoming more and more popular thanks to high levels of celebrity exposure at the end of 2011.  Updated designs and growing clamour for their current products will see quontom dresses hit the mainstream in 2012.

What are Quontum dresses all about?

Quontum dresses are produced from cotton and a stretch lycra material known as bodycon.  This “secret ingredient” enables a quontom dress to flatter your body and make you look stunning at all times.  And if your body doesn’t need a nip here and a tuck there a quontom dress will make you look even better.

Quontum have made a truly dazzling array of dresses for all occasions and they’re available at a marvellous price.  This means women everywhere can take advantage of this stunning garment and adorn their wardrobe with one, two, or as many as they need for their hectic lives.Quontom Dresses


 Where did the Quontum craze begin?

Quontum dresses started hitting the headlines due to a high level of celebrity exposure during the last six months of 2011.  Girl band The Saturdays wore quontum dresses in a music video, while the female stars of “The Only Way Is Essex” were regularly photographed looking stunning in different quontom designs.

Celebrities are often the inspiration behind fashion crazes and that trend is set to continue with quontum dresses throughout 2012, with stars such as Lyndsey Lohan and Charlotte Church the latest big names to be clamouring for new designs.  Such high levels of exposure on television and particularly in the tabloid press have led to the quontom dress becoming the number one priority party piece for women everywhere to add to their wardrobes this year.


How Quontum Dresses hit mainstream

Contrasts and vibrant, loud colours are a key trend for fashion throughout 2012, and quontum dresses fit perfectly within this.  Working from a conservative black base colour, quontom dresses add stunning detail to bring the piece to life.  Party dresses containing two tone sequins are one of the more popular products from quontum, but it’s their selection of dresses featuring neon detail which are really going to wow this year.

With multiple colours available, wearers of a quontum dress with neon staps will glow under club lights and have an all-round look that will turn heads and set tongues wagging.  Add to the contrasts from the dress with stunning accessories, such as oversized necklaces and bracelets to really embrace one of 2012’s key trends.  A quontum dress looks stunning whether it’s a short strapless number or a flowing, full length evening gown.

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