On Your Next Trip to Paradise

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Let’s face it; not everyone is going to be able to afford an exotic vacation to United Arab Emirates. That is a place which can easily be described as paradise. That doesn’t mean that a paradise vacation is out of reach. It just means that we have to redefine what it means to have a paradise vacation.

You don’t necessarily have to purchase a $4,000 plane ticket to some part of the world that you would have otherwise, only seen on the Discovery Channel. Even with a far less ambitious budget and destination, paradise is still within your reach.

A great vacation is defined far less by where you go, and more by what you do when you get there. You might be surprised at how closely the things you do on a truly exotic vacation to paradise mirrors what you can do on a more accessible trip. Here are some of the things you will want to do regardless of how much you spend on tickets and reservations:

Get A Massage

A massage is one of those things that is exotic regardless of the circumstances. Even a therapeutic massage after a back injury is still something to look forward to. Whether in a mobile massage business, or at a beach-side resort, you are likely to find the same equipment as when you are looking for massage chairs for sale to use in your own massage business.

As important as top-notch massage equipment is, a top-notch massage practitioner is even more important. They can make a day at a Holiday Inn feel like a day at the legendary Sandals.

Even if you only get one massage the whole trip, it can define your experience. At the beginning of the trip, a massage can make you feel like you are physically ridding yourself of all the stresses and cares of the world you have left behind. Have it later in the trip, and you can feel refreshed and invigorated when you get back home. Better still, have two massages.

Limit the Number of Pictures You Take

This one seems counterintuitive because everyone thinks they are supposed to photograph everything as if they were a photojournalist working for National Geographic’s. Here’s a news flash: You’re not, unless you are. Even then, you’re not when you’re on vacation.

Trying to get a picture of something fleeting is one of the best ways to take yourself, and the people you are with, out of the moment. Even if you have the fastest smartphone camera on the market, between the time you see the cute thing happening, and the time you press the shutter button, you will have missed it. Furthermore, you will have added a lot of stress to your life. That is the opposite reason why you went on vacation in the first place.

There is also the added stress of carrying a bunch of bulky, expensive camera equipment with you. It is not only a hassle to use, but a signal to criminals. Don’t bring photojournalist equipment to a relaxing vacation. The moment you have to choose between lenses, the relaxation is broken.

It is not that you should take no photos, just be more discriminating about the photos you take. On vacation, it is better to miss a photo than to miss the magic of the moment.

Put away the itinerary

So the ultimate question still remains: What is it you are supposed to do when you find yourself on a vacation in paradise? The answer is both surprising and obvious. You are not supposed to do anything at all. Ultimately, you want to undo.

By its very nature, an itinerary is a list of things you have to do. That doesn’t sound much like a vacation. In paradise, you should have the freedom to find an empty hammock, crawl in, and refuse to get up until it is time to go home.

You do the most relaxing thing you can think of until it is no longer relaxing. Then you do the next relaxing thing that pops into your mind. Paradise is about freedom, not lists. Relax your muscles, put down the camera, and do nothing that is written on a to-do list.

Bon voyage.

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