Keratin Hair Treatment Side Effects

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One of the first things people notice about you is your hair, making it important for you to do everything you can to keep your hair healthy.  For that reason, many women spend a great deal of time researching different treatment methods. One affective treatment that is becoming more popularity is keratin hair therapy.   Keratin straightens hair while removing excess curls and reducing frizz.  Safe for all types of hair, keratin can even be used on chemically treated hair.  However, even the best treatments have side effects.  Learning about keratin hair treatment side effects can help you avoid damaging your hair or health. 


Common Side Effects


The side effects of keratin hair treatments vary and often depend on the concentration of chemicals found in the brand being used.  While there are several different types of keratin hair treatment products available, there are two common side effects that people who use keratin commonly experience.  These two side effects are:


  • Scalp Irritation
  • Bumps or Dents in Hair


Learning what causes these side effects may help you avoid them when choosing to use a keratin hair treatment to improve the quality of your hair.


Scalp Irritation


Dry and irritated scalp is something that occurs occasionally when a person uses a keratin hair treatment.  The irritation is often caused by the formaldehyde that is used in keratin products to help the keratin bond to the hair follicles.  It is possible to avoid irritation by purchasing a treatment that has a low percentage of formaldehyde.  Please keep in mind, even with a low percentage of formaldehyde, a person with sensitive skin might still experience irritation.


Bumps or Dents in Hair


Keratin hair treatments are designed to smooth and straighten the hair, but in order to keep produce the best results the hair must be kept loose and flat for at least 72 hours after the treatment is finished.  Unfortunately, women often need to wrap or tie their hair during that period leading to bumps or dents in the hair as the keratin causes the hair to form in the right shape.  These bumps can be impossible to remove once they are formed forcing women to cope with the hair style until they are able to return to the salon for a new treatment.


Though hair treatments using keratin based products have been known to produce consistent, high quality, results you should still be prepared to deal with negative side effects.  Knowing what side effects people who use keratin hair treatment commonly experience can help you avoid these negative effects completely.  Educating yourself about a product that you are interested in using will increase your chances of being happy with the end result of your keratin treatment.

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