Is Architecture A Good Choice Of A Career?

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Is architecture a good choice of a career? 

Architecture is popularly described as the art and science of creating designs for buildings, houses and other physical structures.

Note that architecture does not only revolve around the exterior or interior of the building, but also the entire environment. Here are 7 reasons why architecture may be a good choice as a career (thanks to EACOE for the tips):

You get to be an inventor

You do not invent new gadgets, but you invent new schemes and new designs for your project. It is a very satisfying job for those who may be interested enough and the results are even more rewarding when you transform a design on paper to something that is real and magnificent.

The courses are fun

Unlike most other courses where you have to spend most of your time studying and reading, architecture allows you to highlight your creativity and innovativeness while you design new structures.

The paycheck is satisfying

Unlike most other professions that require thrice the amount of hard work, you can make a lot of money with architecture. All you need is commitment… and good grades.

You get to learn a lot with architecture

Most of us may believe that prospective architects only study math, or things related to buildings, but this is not the case. A course in architecture involves various fields such as arts, history, human and social sciences, material science, engineering and physics and a lot more.

Architecture involves a lot of diversity

Every building you will design is going to be different and every client and every project is different. There is no monotony unlike many other jobs.

Architecture involves hands-on approach on most assignments

You get to work with your hands most of the time while building scale models, talking to people, making surveys etc.

It is adventurous

This is no ordinary arduous 9 to 5 job. You have to travel a lot, visit new places and new constructions sites. You get to face real-life problems and it is the best profession for those who like to hit the road often.

Why is architecture NOT a good option for you?

You may have heard from many people that the life of an architect is not as easy as it seems. Architecture is everywhere around us. It is something that appears to be trendy and modern-aged. However, there is not a lot of demand for architects these days so you may have a hard time finding a high-paying client (see our tips on networking if you are stuck for client). Due to recent housing recessions, the salaries of architects have declined greatly, probably even lower than medicine or dental fields.

Just like every other high profile field, a student needs to work hard to stand out. There is a lot of work involved and very less sleep.

Some students believe that an architect is a designer but you do not get to design what you want. Your client hires you with a project and you do not always have the upper hand when it comes to making decisions or changes. Therefore, you might not always have fun with your career.


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