How Women Can Protect Themselves

women self defense
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If you are a woman, one of the first defenses you should be aware of is to simply avoid situations where you can put yourself in danger in the first place.  Most women have the good common sense to avoid lonely parking areas and dark streets late at night.  And of course, do not put yourself alone in a situation with a strange man, such as in his car or behind a bar or club.  But what if, despite your best intentions, you are still confronted and possibly attacked?

If you are attacked from behind: this is what most robbers will do.  Drop. This will take your attacker by surprise and give you precious time to get up and run. If possible, run in the opposite direction that your attacker is facing, but if this will lead you to a more deserted area, or a dead end, run towards the road or a lighted area, screaming as you do.

If you are attacked from the front: It is not a joke when we constantly see men fall in excruciating pain when they are hit in the groin. This is a tender area, and you can use it to your advantage when you are facing your aggressor. Kick, hard and fast into the groin area and then run to a safe area as fast as you can.

If you are accosted in an enclosed area: This is one of the most dangerous situations you can be exposed to, because even if you are able to disable your attacker, you are still trapped. If you are in an elevator, push every button on the panel and scream like crazy. If you are in a room or corridor, bang on doors or walls to get attention. This is not a time to be concerned about propriety.

If a robber wants your wallet: Throw your purse or wallet away from and behind you, then run in the opposite direction. In most cases, the robber wants the money, not you, and he will move away from the direction you are going in so that he can retrieve your money.

If a robber has a weapon: Remove yourself from the situation as quickly as you can.  Give him your handbag, throw you wallet, whatever it takes, and get away. If a gun is involved, run in a low and jagged pattern as you get away; better to be injured than dead.

Remember that money can always be replaced, but your life can never be replaced.

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