Give Your Old Boots The Boot

Give Your Old Boots The Boot
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During the cold season, boots will be man’s best companion. All you have to do is invest in a couple of good boots and you’re ready to go! Try not to be stingy when it comes to buying good boots that you intend to wear during the cold season – quality will end up costing you less than what rebuying boots every year would. Our advice to you is to choose something that you can mix and match with formal wear and also casual clothes.

For example, a pair of wingtip shoes with a rounded shape can be so classy and stylish, yet masculine. You can wear them all trough summer and autumn, with a nice pair of jeans and a polo shirt, or with a classy form-fitting suit. A simple pair of black lace-ups are a must have in a man’s wardrobe – great for special occasions but also wonderful for a night out on the town, but remember, black isn’t the only color there is out there for boots. Take a tip from the Italian men – brown is the new black!

Just because winter is closing in on us, that doesn’t mean that you have to dress your feet in big and clunky shoes. You can be stylish in the winter, just go for something that combines fashion with comfort. Stacy Adams offers a large variety of shoes that do just that. Their boots are minimalistic and elegant – great for the modern and busy man that lives in the city. If you prefer something more edgy and rock and roll, then why not try to see what Kenneth Cole Reaction has to offer – they have a great model out this fall – moto-inspired boots with rubber soles and a wedge heel, a side zipper and leather strap detail. They are a perfect combination between edge and modern. For the fashion-oriented man or the neo hipster, Dr. Martens will never go out of style. With such a rich history behind, they look awesome with jeans and are reasonably priced.

Whatever you may choose for the winter, always remember to take good care of your shoes. Choose a good quality wax, a soft cotton rag and a natural hair brush to clean and polish them. Store your shoes away from direct sunlight and excessive moisture. Use shoe trees to keep them in their best shape possible. Also, don’t wear them to death! Have at least two or three pairs of shoes to alternate.


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