Cohabiting – The New Bride’s Guide to Nesting

a brides guide to nesting
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It’s every little girl’s dream. Even before we have an understanding of the actual concept of marriage and what it means, we have visions of white princess-like dresses and our “happily-ever-after.” As the dream comes to fruition, it remains an extremely exciting and magical moment – and then comes to move in! Whether you are moving to his place, he is moving to yours or you are moving in to a new place together, there are bound to be challenges. Of course, all it takes is a little getting used to and many new brides enjoy every moment of the nesting experience.

Combining his stuff and your stuff to make a comfy, cozy nest after marriage can be challenging. This may seem like no big deal, pack your stuff up and move it in! Right? Your new hubby may be very partial to where he has to have his stuff, and on top of that, his stuff may just be out right ugly! (Don’t worry, we said it so you don’t have to!)

That being said, building a home together is exciting – his endless collection of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Editions on the coffee table…a little disheartening. Even if your idea of home décor differs, this can be an amazing opportunity to build a comfortable life together under one roof. Here are some tips for the new bride who is ready to nest with her prince charming!

Your thoughts of having a nice, neat, home with a lived in look may be very different from your husbands.

If you want your new home to be a show case of your new life together, you may not want to have a set of trophy deer horns or a large hunting and fishing rack mounted to the living room wall. There has to be compromise and acceptance of both parties personal property without making one of the parties feel like their stuff is not important. The idea of getting rid of your stuff is just not going to work out, you want to have your stuff where you can use it, see it or just keep it for the sake of keeping it. The idea of having a man cave has actually saved countless marriages.

A man cave is a room in the house that is dedicated to the hubby’s beloved personal possessions, the tacky, awful stuff that you just don’t want around the house, which he needs to keep him happy. Having the dining room accented with a green and yellow Go Team banner that is 3 feet long and two feet high may be considered gaudy, unless, its super bowls season or the guys are coming over for the big game.

The flip side of a man cave is sometimes called a craft or hobby room. The craft room can be as multipurpose for the women in the family, the same way the guys have the man cave. The craft room can be used for sewing, reading, or quiet time away from the kids.

Having mutual respect for each other, and each other’s property is a great way to foster independence in the relationship as well as encourage healthy hobbies.

Emily is a hopeless romantic…but also a neat freak! She has found that cohabitating is an amazing thing but it requires patience on both ends. She has found a way to make you mid century sofa fit in with her husband’s bachelor pad recliner. She believes that if a mid century couch and football memorabilia can live peacefully under one roof then so can a neat freak and a sometimes-sloppy partner!

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