Before Trying To Lose That Winter Weight, Make Sure You Know the Facts

Lose That Winter Weight, Make Sure You Know the Facts
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Everyone indulges themselves during the winter months, it’s partly to do with the festive season but also human instinct in an effort to build up body fat when the weather is cold. Once all of the gorging on treats is out of the way, many of us will try to get rid of that ‘winter weight’ in preparation for the warmer months. Before trying to diet and lose weight however, there are some things you really must know.

Carbs are not the enemy

In fact, there isn’t any food group that is the ‘enemy’ as such, as long as eaten in moderation. Trying out diets that cut out carbohydrates will only make your body going into fat preservation mode and will not help you burn off those calories. When organising your meals for the week, it is important that you maintain a healthy balance of all the food groups. Try substituting white bread for brown and cutting out those snacks that are no good for you, such as crisps and biscuits.

Learning to cook properly can help you lose weight

If you know how to cook a proper meal then you are much more likely to lose that winter weight. Instead of eating ready meals, frozen food and takeaways, learn how to cook some healthy meals that will contain elements of all the food groups. If you have a real phobia of the kitchen, or cooking, then try taking part in a cooking course to help better your skills. These courses are a great place to meet people with similar goals to you, as well as learning how to make some truly delicious meals.

Plan, plan and then plan again

A big part of losing weight is actually putting a proper plan in place. Just saying that you’re going to cut down on snacks will not be enough to help you reach your goals. Have a reward system that means you can have a treat every time you lose a certain amount of weight, or drop a clothes size. It probably shouldn’t be food related, but a new dress or trip to the theatre will do wonders for your motivation. Also, make sure you plan your meals at least a week in advance. Write up a menu using your favourite recipe websites or books, then pin it up somewhere in your kitchen for the whole family to see. This will also help you plan your food shopping, as long as you stick to the menu!

Losing winter weight doesn’t have to be a chore; some people really do enjoy it! Don’t try cutting out certain food groups, as our body needs them all to work properly. Make sure you know how to cook so that you can plan a beautiful, healthy menu for the weeks ahead.

Jo Lehmann is a nutrition expert who has lost her Winter weight every year! Her favourite food group is carbs (brown bread mainly) and she dislikes anything tasting of cinnamon. Jo recommends L’Atelier des Chefs as a great cookery school to learn how to cook healthy meals for the whole family.

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