Avoiding Wedding Photography Woes

Avoiding Wedding Photography Woes
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You’ve picked your wedding date and found a suitable venue. Now it’s time to find a wedding photographer to help document your special day and the magical moments scattered within. There are plenty of cameramen and women with all kinds of photography styles to choose from; the hardest part will be narrowing down your selection. It’s important to find someone that you get along with and feel good about working with. It can be helpful to shoot engagement photos with the same photographer you plan to use for your wedding to help build rapport and know exactly what you will be getting. Remember that photo costs are not cheap, so make sure you know what you are getting for the cost you are charged. You should budget $2,000-8,000 for a skilled photographer. But the more prints and photo goodies you order, the higher the cost.


You must be diligent in your research before making a final decision. It seems almost everyone these days claims to have photojournalism on their resume. Just because someone claims to have a background in photography doesn’t mean that they have professional experience. Be sure to thoroughly check references. Browse full portfolios and complete photo shoots, not just a chosen few select photos. You want to see the complete range of shots each artist is capable of. Did he or she capture the most beautiful moments that mean the most to you?  Browse though some photographers websites online and get a feel for the type of work they do.  Do their shots look like something that you would want hanging on your wall?  When you view their galleries do you get inspired?  If so, then this photographer may be a great choice as they capture moments that fit with your vision.

Photography Styles

If you’re fond of classy black and white shots, a photographer with a background in photojournalism might be suitable. Whereas a traditionalist might be more appropriate if you desire more classic and posed wedding photos. If you’d like your wedding shots to look like they belong in a magazine, find a photographer with a high fashion sense and an eye for elegance. Once you find a skillful photographer that you’d like to use, book him or her as soon as possible. Many great photographers book dates up to a year in advance. So make sure you don’t procrastinate. It would be horrible to fall in love with an artist’s work only to be informed they just booked your wedding date with someone else. When meeting with your preferred photographer, be clear in your wishes. If you do not share your desires beforehand, you may end up being disappointed in the photos in the end.

Plan Ahead

Consider the time of day that the wedding will occur. Midday sun is harsh and photos do not turn out well, whereas the light of late afternoon and early evening provides a soft glow that makes for phenomenal photos. When it comes to finalizing plans, be sure you are not late. Good wedding photos take a while to get; they are not something that can just take place in ten minutes. You want your photographer to be professional and arrive on time, so be sure to extend the same courtesy.  During the shoot, don’t worry about how you look or try to make every shot completely perfect. Sometimes the ‘imperfections’ provide the best and most memorable shots. Everyone looks stunning on their wedding day. Act naturally and relax; simply be in the moment. And don’t always look at the camera. While it may be instinctive, sometimes candid shots turn out the best. Have fun, look happy in love, and just be yourself; your photographer will do the rest.


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