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Thank you for visiting Lifestyle of an Active Woman, and taking the time to learn how being active can help improve your hair, health and happiness!

If you have never tried any type of hair care product designed for chemically treated, frizzy, or damaged hair; it might be in your best interest to discuss your treatment plans with your hair care professional.  When you are ready to change the way your hair looks and feels, it is time to start a unique new treatment that can transform your hair in just 90 minutes.  Instead of enduring a daily, or weekly, straightening regiment, you can get results that will last for weeks!

Keep reading to learn more about Brazilian Blowouts and other hair straightening treatments that produce amazing results while improving, and maintaining, the health of your hair.

What Our Site Offers

Lifestyle of an Active Woman teaches you everything you need to know about the safe, effective, and increasingly popular hair smoothing treatments available for those with frizzy or damaged hair.  A few treatment methods that we explore are Brazilian Blowout, Keratin, Natural and Japanese straightening.   In addition to teaching you about several hair treatment options, we have also spent time carefully reviewing well-known products to help you decide what is best option for your hair type. We also are developing a directory of Salons that perform Hair Straightening Treatments.

Getting Started

Now that you’ve made the decision to improve the health of your hair while conquering unmanageable frizz, start reading the Active Woman Blog.  The blog highlights some of the most popular hair straightening related topics including styling, treatment tips, and more.

We understand that choosing a safe hair smoothing treatment, especially when you are treating damaged hair, is not an easy process.  Our goal is to make the process less confusing, while helping you stay up to date on the latest hair smoothing and styling methods.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.

We look forward to helping you achieve healthy, manageable, hair!

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