6 Favorite Sports Cars for Women

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Many people choose cars based on safety features, comfort or reliability. Others may opt for vehicles that make a statement about their attitude and personality. Whether this statement is bold or subtle, there is a vehicle for every type of personality. For example, minivans and certain SUV’s may convey a strong sense of responsibility and loyalty to others and sporty cars may exude a sense of youth and spontaneity. While sports cars that display power and independence have mostly been associated with men, women are finding just as much enjoyment and satisfaction in driving a car that fits their personality and often makes a lasting impression on others.

The top sports cars favored by women listed below can help any woman display her unique sense of style while driving with pleasure and confidence.

(1.) Mazda 3

The Mazda 3 is a combination of sporty features, fun driving and affordability. A nice alternative to standard sedans, the Mazda 3 offers an economical value with the added benefits of a stylish interior and exterior trim as well as exceptional safety features. Every model is equipped with antilock disc brakes, front side airbags, side curtain airbags and traction and stability control. The Mazda 3 is available in both a sedan and hatchback version.

(2.) Volkswagen Beetle

With a cute and practical style, women are more attracted than ever to the Beetle that provides a comfortable ride despite its tiny appearance. The Beetle Turbo adds a sportier look and feel with additions such as a rear spoiler, 18-inch wheels, fog lights and sports seats. Every style is front-wheel drive and gets an average of 22 to 30 mpg. The modern edition of the Beetle is a modest, yet confident style that has a level of appeal to many types of people.

(3.) BMW Z4 Roadster

The BMW ZA offers a sophisticated ride with smooth handling and a powerful engine. High-quality interior styling and a sleek exterior design conveys confidence and power. The Roadster provides an exceptional amount of leg room as well as storage space making it an excellent choice for those who spend a lot of time traveling long distances or travel with others frequently. Safety features such as antilock brakes, side impact airbags and integrated features such as an automatic process of wiping brake rotors dry when the windshield wipers are utilized to prevent slick braking.

(4.) Mini Cooper Convertible

The Cooper Convertible is a small car with a big attitude. Superior handling and a comfortable interior makes the Cooper a great choice for everyday use. With the ease of maneuverability and 121-horsepower engine, drivers can experience an enjoyable ride every time. Its economical design is also highly customizable so drivers have a variety of features and extras to choose from.

(5.) Mazda Miata

This two-seat convertible is one of the best selling sports cars of all time according to the Guinness Book of World records. Although the Miata is an attractive buy for both men and women, female drivers often choose to drive this sports car for the iconic image of grace and style. It offers many unique safety and security features such as an engine immobilizer, emergency braking assistance, emergency interior trunk release capabilities and a tire pressure monitoring system. The interior and exterior design of the Miata is fun, flirty and confident making it a great choice among women.

(6.) Corvette Convertible

The Corvette unleashes a driving experience that many other cars don’t offer. One of the most popular luxury sports cars on the road, the Corvette Convertible incorporates state-of-the-art technology and an extensive amount of customizable options that owners often find enticing and exhilarating. From the older models to the new, Corvette displays an aggressive exterior design that many people find appealing. More and more women are driving Corvette Convertibles due to the luxurious look and feel as well as the distinctive image of individuality that is portrayed with ownership. The powerful performance adds excitement and adventure and the standard of excellence and quality has earned the Corvette the position as a prestigious icon throughout the years.

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