5 Ways To Increase Fertility Naturally

How to increase fertility naturally
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Fertility is a sensitive and important issue for many couples. There have been countless myths and misconceptions about male and female fertility over the past few centuries. Modern medical science has helped many families to understand some of the basic factors that affect fertility. There are a few simple tips that can help to improve the chance a couple has of conceiving a child.

How to increase fertility naturally

Weight And Exercise

Excessive weight has been shown to negatively affect the fertility of women because of the estrogen that results from fat cells. Losing weight can actually increase the chances for conception. This should be done with regular exercise each day that is not overly intensive. This helps to moderate estrogen levels that can inhibit fertilization.

Diet And Vitamins

Fertility relies partially on the proper functioning of the body. The right diet that has all of the necessary vitamins can help to promote a good metabolism. This will allow all of the chemicals in the blood and tissue to come into proper balance. A diet should be balanced and should include proteins and carbohydrates. Vitamin C and D are also important. Both men and women can increase fertility in this way.

Reduce Stress

Women and men who are experiencing moderate to high levels of stress on a daily basis are less likely to conceive. This means that relieving stress and relaxing each day is important. This is largely because stress actually changes the chemistry of the body in a number of ways. Learning how to cope with stress or actively dealing with it through massage or therapy can slowly increase fertility naturally over time.

Alcohol, Caffeine, and Nicotine Intake

There are several negative effects that can be caused by excessive consumption of alcohol and caffeine. There are also many problems that can develop due to cigarette smoking. These three substances can greatly affect the fertility of men and women. Avoiding smoking, excessive drinking and caffeine can improve the chances for conception.

Avoid Exposure To Some Chemicals

There are a number of environmental chemicals that can actually have a negative impact on fertility. Exposure to solvents like those used in home construction, dry cleaning or office printing can be harmful. Similarly, pesticides like those used in gardens or that appear on the surface of unwashed fruits can make it harder to conceive. Couples should avoid being near these types of harsh chemicals.

Every person is different. Not all natural methods of improving fertility will work for everyone. Couples who are still having problems after trying different natural solutions might want to visit a reproductive specialist or a fertility clinic such as My Egg Bank in order to explore other options for conception.

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